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Which is not the answer to everything but it’s pretty amazing to me. Today’s blog post makes 32 posts for the month of November between this blog and the one on BlogHer. My wrists ache, my brain feels emptied, and I am going to pretend that yesterday’s posts didn’t offend anyone.

From a pure writing standpoint, the last month has been quite productive. I’ve been taking an online class with Christina Katz and by this time next week, I should have a nice body of work to start shopping about in the big bad world of print. Take a stab at the freelancing thing.

Blogging daily. Twice no less. Has been good for my brain but I am still probably leaving my best stuff all over Twitter and Facebook.

I was on fire on Facebook today and not in a friendly way but certainly in a progressive feminist writer way, which someone mistook for “leftism”. When did refusing to be suckered by the politics of class-ism and racism and sexism become a “liberal” rather than a “moral” issue?

But aside from that and the fact that I made pizza crust from scratch for the first time in eons, the day was a lazy one. Wednesdays are slug days for me. I had good intentions but my ear is still bugging me and throwing off my balance and my brother, CB, called and we talked for over an hour. He talked. I listened. I’m a good listener. Just so long as I am not sitting in front of the computer because Rob will tell you that I have the attention span of a gnat and will feed my ADD if given have an opportunity to do so.

Which is why he shouldn’t give me a Samsung Galaxy II S with gazillions of speed and ninja functions for my birthday – but he so is!!

I will now be tagged and as baggable as every over sheeple in North America.

The Top Mom Blogs contest ends at 5 P.M. PST tomorrow. I am still no shoo-in for the top five. Most of the others in the top ten are sponsored and have advertisers. I am so out of my league, but I am giving it the good fight. Cajoling FB friends and family daily and have a few people helping solicit voters from among their FB and Twitter lists. Adds up slowly. The woman in the top spot effortlessly gains a hundred or more votes a day. She’s got over twice as many votes as I do. I have no idea how one does that. I should ask The Bloggess sometime. She wins these contests all the time. But one last plea, hey? Click over and vote for my blog. I’ve never won anything and this would be beyond awesome despite it being nerve-wracking and the fact that I will never do this kind of thing again because it’s bad for my fragile sense of self.

2 thoughts on “This is 32

    1. It’s not a dirty word but it is code for “You are clearly too childish in your view of the world to be taken seriously by we adults” and it’s also meant to put us on the defensive. If we are constantly be made to defend common sense and decency, we can’t point out the mean-spirited prejudice and greedy self-interest that drives conservative politics these days.

      And for the record, conservative is not a dirty word either. I read a lot of conservatives, who are appalled by what dominates their mainstream these days. Conservative ideals have their place and restraint in terms of government is not a bad idea.

      Over on FB, some guy is trying to school me on the subject of entitlements. He is a constitutionalist, which means that like Southerners who never got over the Civil War, he can’t let go of FDR’s supposed power grab via The New Deal. (FDR, by the way, was hardly a demigod but Social Security was a good idea then and it still is. The trouble with it is that when it should have been really fixed back in the 80’s, Reagan didn’t have the guts to do it.) Anyway, the conversation there is about entitlements but those for people who are suffering economic setbacks. he is a
      “boot-strapper”. You know the speech. “I was down and out and nearly homeless, but I pulled myself up and so can everyone else.”

      He was a single guy with no kids, so my guess is that he didn’t qualify for much public assistance, but that’s another story. He misses the point though. Public assistance is most often utilized by single moms (who are so most often b/c they have been deserted by husband’partners or divorced) and by people who’ve suffered catastrophic illnesses or accidents (it’s nearly impossible to economic survive and/or recover from long term illness that result in disability or death even if you are employed and have good health insurance). He, like most people, think generational poor, probably black and militantly undereducated when he envisions those using public assistance. Even presenting people like this with facts that clearly contradict won’t budge them. They simply retreat to their “it was unconstitutional” stance as though wishing could make today’s problems go away.

      What’s even more interesting about “constitutionalists” on the right is that they are okay with expanding on the Founder’s intent when it suits their agenda. There is a bill in the House right now aimed at circumventing state sovereignty by forcing states that don’t permit the concealed carry of weapons to honor those with licenses to do so from other states. It’s not about the constitution at all. it’s about using the document to justify the ends of your particular ideals and maybe that was the actual intent of the Founders, a scary thought indeed.

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