Wanting (updated)


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Big thing with Dee is establishing the difference between wants and needs. Whenever she asks for this or that we query as to the status of said thing.

“Is this a want or a need?”

Sometimes she will nix the item herself based on her answer and just because something is a want doesn’t necessarily disqualify it. The important lesson is knowing the difference between those things that are necessity and those that are luxuries we can either live without¬†or work towards in the future.

The Top Canada Mom Blogs top five is certainly a want. I don’t need it for ego-stroking purposes or even to pursue my writing goals and dreams. I know I can write. I know people will read what I write.

But I really want to stay in the Top Five. Being there means that this venue will receive exposure that it has never had. Being promoted by a big website is an honor and it’s an opportunity.

However, to do this, I need readers to vote, and I am well aware that this is a popularity contest and that people read here who don’t particularly like me. I don’t pretend to understand why, but they do. There are 100 subscribers to this blog and if everyone voted for me in the next hour, I might stand a chance to finish number five. As it is, the blog about to overtake me, which is mostly just a review blog – the blogger doesn’t generate any original content – will overtake me.

This is a want. I don’t need it. But it would be nice.

Click here to vote.

Update: It’s not official yet – they have to verify the votes – but the voting is closed and I am in 5th place. Thanks to all my readers, family, friends and everyone else who rallied to my last minutes plea and voted. many thanks and much appreciation.

4 thoughts on “Wanting (updated)

  1. Way to go! Hope this holds up. I got caught more than once trying to vote twice on the same day ~ I’m often up past midnight and one day easily runs into the next one.

    For the record, I like you.

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