November 2009 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar 

Nablopomo ends tomorrow. Two more posts and I can breathe a bit.


I gave up on Blogher posting at day 18 because I just  can’t mommy blog mindlessly. I can’t. Don’t ask me to. Ironic in light of my inclusion in the top five of the Canadian Mom blogger’s list, I know, but I don’t claim to be a mommy blogger although I am a mom and I blog. I am too scattered and, as you know, uninterested in all things maternal to confine myself.


And my immediate family wouldn’t like it much if they were the sole focus of my writing, which wouldn’t happen anyway because as amusing and awesome as they are, they are not endlessly fascinating enough for me to write about continually or for others to read about endlessly.


An interesting side effect of the foray into the mommy blog world, however, has been emails from PR types wanting me to try products or post articles with link backs. I hadn’t considered that possibility. More readers and views, yes. Product whoring, no. Book reviews are okay but beyond that, I need to think about it a bit more.

Nanowrimo went nowhere – while we are on the subject of November goals. Between my normal schedule, the class I was taking and all the writing it entailed, an endless fight with the flu that is still ongoing and  blogging daily, I just didn’t have the extra key-pounding hours to write a short book. December goals do include looking over my three most promising WIP’s and seeing where to go next. I also need to look over my freelance work from the class I just finished and make a few decisions.


Finally, no, I haven’t heard from CB, and yes that worries me.


Amazing what 30 days can do for you.






Go 32

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Which is not the answer to everything but it’s pretty amazing to me. Today’s blog post makes 32 posts for the month of November between this blog and the one on BlogHer. My wrists ache, my brain feels emptied, and I am going to pretend that yesterday’s posts didn’t offend anyone.

From a pure writing standpoint, the last month has been quite productive. I’ve been taking an online class with Christina Katz and by this time next week, I should have a nice body of work to start shopping about in the big bad world of print. Take a stab at the freelancing thing.

Blogging daily. Twice no less. Has been good for my brain but I am still probably leaving my best stuff all over Twitter and Facebook.

I was on fire on Facebook today and not in a friendly way but certainly in a progressive feminist writer way, which someone mistook for “leftism”. When did refusing to be suckered by the politics of class-ism and racism and sexism become a “liberal” rather than a “moral” issue?

But aside from that and the fact that I made pizza crust from scratch for the first time in eons, the day was a lazy one. Wednesdays are slug days for me. I had good intentions but my ear is still bugging me and throwing off my balance and my brother, CB, called and we talked for over an hour. He talked. I listened. I’m a good listener. Just so long as I am not sitting in front of the computer because Rob will tell you that I have the attention span of a gnat and will feed my ADD if given have an opportunity to do so.

Which is why he shouldn’t give me a Samsung Galaxy II S with gazillions of speed and ninja functions for my birthday – but he so is!!

I will now be tagged and as baggable as every over sheeple in North America.

The Top Mom Blogs contest ends at 5 P.M. PST tomorrow. I am still no shoo-in for the top five. Most of the others in the top ten are sponsored and have advertisers. I am so out of my league, but I am giving it the good fight. Cajoling FB friends and family daily and have a few people helping solicit voters from among their FB and Twitter lists. Adds up slowly. The woman in the top spot effortlessly gains a hundred or more votes a day. She’s got over twice as many votes as I do. I have no idea how one does that. I should ask The Bloggess sometime. She wins these contests all the time. But one last plea, hey? Click over and vote for my blog. I’ve never won anything and this would be beyond awesome despite it being nerve-wracking and the fact that I will never do this kind of thing again because it’s bad for my fragile sense of self.

The Gazing Nude.Emmanuel Marcou

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I haven’t tried to blog every day in eons, so I’d forgotten how hard it was to do. Consider my lack of interest in gazing at my own naval unless I happen to be on a yoga mat,the fact that I’ve kept it up is astounding me – if no one else. The fact remains though that I just don’t need to angst over the minutia of life or create issue from detail. Not anymore anyway.

And technically, I am blogging twice a day because yesterday, I posted original material to the BlogHer site as well as here, which is not exactly what a great many bloggers do. Take for example the mom blog that is whooping bum at the Canada Mom blogs competition*.  It’s an aggregator serving as a community events page for the most part. Not much content and this is another reason to be pleased with myself, even if I am going to barely maintain a spot in the top ten list there.

More spectacularly is that I have finally gotten around to taking an online writing class in addition and the extra hours pounding at the keyboard are showing and not just in my sore achy forearms because I am getting back into the habit of outlining and drafting, which is something that bloggers don’t really have cause to do. Progress is being made with my voice and technique though I sadly remain an indifferent speller and more fond of punctuation’s eye-herding and melodic usages than what the moldy oldy Strunk and White have to say (and the irony of White pontificating about punctuation still amuses me).

If I were really ambitious, I’d start up the yoga blog again too, but I am not really ambitious. That’s my eternal issue. My inner Annie has never seen the need to work myself like a rented mule even if there was a really good reason to do so, and there never really is. Work should never crowd out life or even compete with it seriously. I suppose one could argue that I chose teaching for this reason, and you’d be mostly correct except that I also had to be freakishly good at it. The big bonus of being a teacher was that it came to me easily so, unlike some, I didn’t have to take it home with me after the first few years.

But it’s late, this post will just come in under the wire for the day. It was a big day. Potato soup. Which was excellent. Herding a child to soccer practice and enduring a spur of the moment play date sans benefit of sleeping in and snow. It has finally snowed.

Tomorrow is another day. Perhaps more interesting and then again maybe not. But I will blog. And again the day after. Twice daily until the end of the month. A modest ambition and just maybe, ambition can be cultivated.

* Just an fyi, thanks to all that have voted in the last two days, I am back in 7th place and have a shot at 6th if I can snag another 20 votes. If you are inclined, you can vote daily by just clicking here. Six more days and then we are done with this – I promise.


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So let’s all shout “hell yes” and fist pump a bit too.

As of today, Edmonton has reached some kind of snow less record. Not even a flurry. We are a barren island as the white stuff surrounds our little neck of northern Alberta. Better yet, it’s going to warm up to 11 C tomorrow.

If it didn’t snow until the New Year, I’d be just fine with it though Rob might be a little disappointed because the mother of all snowblowers is winging its way to the nearest Sears outlet for us even as I type. He loves him a powerful machine.

But it will snow. Next week flurries threaten and before you know it, the sky will shit white daily and the temps will hover stubbornly around -20 C  take or mostly give. It’s inevitable now that darkness bookends the waking hours, and the road construction crews are popping up everywhere in a frenzy to finish the work they dicked around avoiding all summer long.

I will take the brown bareness for as long as I can get it however. I am beginning to count fall as my second favorite season.

* Here’s the link to today’s NaBloPoMo at BlogHer and another to the Top Canada Mom’s Blog contest, and I hope you’ll take a moment to pop over and vote for me because losing really sucks and if each person who reads this votes (more than once is good), I won’t. Thanks.

Never fear, it is November and I will blog every day, barring calamity.

Daylight Saving Time

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The BlogHer post is here for those who are interested, but otherwise just a quick update on the weekend.

Whatever has been ailing me appears to finally be giving up. Today was the first day I didn’t feel like falling over literally in about a week. The gash on my foot was remarkably better today as well now that the wound is closed and the swelling diminished. Just in time for the child to start looking pale and complaining on and off about her tummy. Though so far she has not vomited or run a fever, she is pale and not straying far from quiet play in the not quite finished living room.

The kitchen tile is looking stellar.

Edie stopped by for lunch and visited into the early evening.

And now it’s time for bed. Or nearly so.

Fall break is this week. Poppies are everywhere and the living room might actually get painted and if we make it until Wednesday with no snow fall whatsoever, it will be some kind of climate change freaky record for the Edmonton area.

What’s new with you?

The day began wobbly. Literally because my ears are still somewhat plugged and the back of my throat aches, but 10 AM soccer practice will not be denied. Though some

Frost on Window

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might argue that it’s hardly Dawn’s bumcrack, I consider having to be anywhere on a Saturday before noon barbaric.

The neighbor drives a school bus, in case you’ve forgotten, and with the warm weather deserting us, she is revving that yellow beast up at earlier and earlier hours. Most weekday mornings find us jarred from our short-sleeped slumbers 30 minutes or more before our own alarms sound off. The weekends, in my opinion, should be about snuggling in until it’s officially daylight at the earliest and even that is a bit too uncivilized for my aging tastes.

Cold weather has caught me unprepared. My winter coat is still in the basement closet and I am out of practice with the whole “warming up the vehicle” routine. When Dee and I made for the truck, it was cold and frosty.

And I had no idea where the ice scraper was.

“What are you doing?” Rob was at the door watching me incredulously as I attempted to scrape frost off the passenger side windows with a Starbuck’s napkin and my fingernails.

“I forgot to warm up the truck and I have no idea where the scraper is,” I thought that was a reasonable reply.

He came out in his robe, liberated the scraper from a side compartment and shooed me into the truck as he proceeded to clear the windows of Jack Frost’s handiwork.

“Your mom is silly,” he told Dee as he kissed her good-bye and gave me the “I can’t believe you sometimes” look when he kissed me.

Fast forward.

Practice is done. I managed to stay upright and wrangle a few groceries while Dee continued her march to someday dominating at the World Cup and we were home. I’d phoned Rob to check on his plans to run into the city while we were out, but he’d decided to wait for us.

“Wouldn’t you like an outing?”

I love outings. Rob’s idea of outings typically involve a lot of driving with Clark Griswold-ish stops at various home handyman fave spots, but as I seldom make it farther from home than grocery or yoga class – I am easy to please.

But after we entered the house, Rob crooks his finger and asks me to come upstairs with him. He needs to show me something.

“I’m getting worried about you, Honey.”


The last time he was “worried” he thought I’d been putting tea bags in the paper recycling and it was actually him that did that.

I reached the bedroom and he showed me one of his white socks and one of Dee’s leggings.

“Did you fold these together?” he asked. “I found them rolled together.”

It took a minute but I remembered that months ago, Dee had rolled her legging together with her Dad’s sock as a joke.

“Dee did that.” I explained, “as a joke, but thanks for jumping to the conclusion that I am demented.”

The girl child lay on her bed cackling and Rob looked relieved and a bit chagrined.

*Still blogging for NaBloPoMo, catch today’s here and this is the last time I am linking to the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs list contest though the contest will continue on without further notice from me.

With titty concern month behind us, we turn our attention to the less nether regions of the male anatomy and steel ourselves for grocery store clerks to panhandle for


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the prostate and endure local media celebrities’ attempts to grow facial hair in support of their other hairy area. Heavy, heavy sigh. And this on the heels of yet another study pointing out that cancer screenings for both breasts and prostates are not the panaceas they are touted to be. Not that anyone who’s done even the slightest bit of actual research or even paid attention to the fine print in the annual two month assaults press doesn’t already know.

But November is not just sweaty ball sacks and mustaches, it’s all a month of words. Lots and lots of them as the hobbyists and the real writers man up to their keyboards to pump out the volume. It’s quantity over quality month. NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo are back, baby. Worry about the polish in December and churn out those posts; pound out those daily word counts.

Because I haven’t enough real work to avoid, I decided – last night – to give NaBloPoMo another shot. They’ve found a new home at BlogHer though sadly not a better blogging tool.

BlogHer is even ponying up incentives like syndicating the worthy on the main site and handing out passes for BlogHer 12 in NYC next summer, providing the world hasn’t imploded before that as I hear the Greeks are looking nags in the mouth today.

So, check out my first day’s effort, and leave a comment. Comments are like gold stars and like most D-list bloggers, I get precious few of those. And if you are inclined, please click over and vote for this blog at the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs list. I am steadily dropping out of the top 10 due to lack of votes. I am annoyed enough with the constant vote whoring I have to do to not feel too honored with being nominated anymore. It’s like receiving a birthday gift that requires you to take up a hobby you wouldn’t have sought out on your own.

Oh, and happy All Soul’s Day. Decades ago in my Catholic school girl days, today would have found me bobbing up and down at an all school mass. I can’t recall if there are any rituals unique to the day. It’s not a throat blessing with candle-sticks sort of thing (which was disconcerting because Father stood up on the steps of the altar and it didn’t matter how tall you were, he still managed to jam the cross-section of the candles snug up to you throat and pinch your jaws til you choked). I do remember that most of my classmates had candy to share but not until after communion. God forbid that anyone take a wafer on a tongue coated with red dye number whatever.

It’s November. Grow a ‘stache. Feel up your balls or someone else’s. And then don’t forget to write about it.