A Life’s Purpose

What if what I am supposed to be doing is exactly what I am doing?

I ask only because I read a blog entry of a friend who is searching for her direction in life. Or redirection. We can never assume, after all, that where we are, what we are doing or who we surround ourselves with is permanent.

Life is about change – at its core – not about permanence.

I was a teacher for twenty years. When I left, I can count on one hand the number of minutes it took for someone to ask,

“So what are you going to do now?”

As if emigrating to Canada, remarrying and focusing on my writing/blogging in addition to giving the stay at home mom thing a full-time go for the first time in the five years I’d been a mother wasn’t enough.

What are you going to do with your life?

So that it’s meaningful – in the eyes of the world – is the question behind that question.

But what if, maybe, I am doing what I am meant to do?

Given that nothing is permanent, and I can reasonably expect the circumstances of my life to change over the course of time, why couldn’t what I am doing … right now … be what I am meant to do? Right now.

And isn’t that enough?

Writing for blogs, studying yoga with an eye towards teaching a few classes – maybe having a studio one day – isn’t nothing. Though I recognize that like “having it all” or “having enough” it is an eye of the beholder thing.

Does anyone’s eye matter but mine in the assessment of what makes my life meaningful or gauging what I should be doing with my life?

I think not.

And a life’s “purpose” is more than what one does in terms of culture’s obsession with the idea of work and career (which, frankly, is the measuring stick in our Western world to an unhealthily large degree).

What if, what you are doing right now and where you are is “it”?

For now.

9 thoughts on “A Life’s Purpose

  1. I’ve become one of those annoying people that absolutely loves my life right now! And to quote Avenue Q, “everything in life is only for now” so for now, I’m just enjoying it.

  2. I feel too unsettled to be as wise as you. I want to scream at the universe, “So tell me if this is what I am supposed to be doing!” It doesn’t feel right. It feels like I’m filling time until the real thing I’m supposed to be doing comes along. And how will I know either way? My guess is that I am exactly where I am supposed to be – unsettled, questioning, and searching for answers. Sigh.

  3. Thing are far from perfect but if this really is it, then I’m pretty content with how everything turned out. None of it was by design. I went where the wind blew me. I have some nice things. Am missing some others. But I’m not sure what else there can be. I’d like a trip to Italy but my happiness isn’t going to depend on it.

  4. I am a strong believer in the ebb and flow of life, although I think it took me 40-50 years to get to that point. I often think that some of the worst things that happen end up presenting opportunities we may not otherwise have noticed or dismissed out of hand. Who said something like, “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” That’s been my life and it is not a bad life!

  5. yes Annie, you are right nothing is permanent, but sometimes you leave yourself to circumstances without doing anything , although you know this is not the right thing to do untill suddenly you can’t stand it any more.
    I worked as English speaking tour guide for 5 years and this was the best for me and I had to leave it because of circumstances, then I worked in a company since 16 years untill now . I have a very good position but I don’t like this job and I never liked although I’m doing it perfectly.
    so I want to find what’s suitable for me. I must take the risk and change my career.

    As usual Annie your topic came on the right time with a wonderful way of writting.

    1. You’re welcome.

      I think that we know sometimes when it’s time to make a move but aren’t as good at knowing that we are where we should be and that there are things to do where we are at.

  6. You’ve said it to me before…. ebb and flow 🙂

    There is absolutely nothing we can do with unexpected change in our lives, and we also hold the other choices we make in our own hands. I believe what I am doing right now is it. “IT” still has yet to be defined in my world though. The “IT” I’m currently doing could change tomorrow. Sure, I contemplate the future, I save money, I make plans but I also know that at any given point, no plan is permanent.

    I feel ya on the questions too… when Ryan died, I swear, I had JUST turned off the vent and immediately someone asked me, “What are you going to do now with 3 boys all by yourself?”

    Gee… I dunno… I think I’ll do what I did before and just be a mother 🙂 (My actual answer was more bitter I think…. it went something along the lines of “Well FIRST, I’m going to hug my children and then take a long ass nap because I haven’t slept in 2 days!”)

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