If you put “style” in the title, SPAM will come

On Friday I had a tiny post about yoga.

As I get a fair amount of junk links, I didn’t pay any attention to the upticks on Friday evening, but when I opened my blog stats on Saturday to over 100 spam, I remarked on it to Rob.

“Really?” he said. “I deleted about 150 already this morning.”

By Saturday evening, 310 sites had attempted to link to it.

Sites for jewelry, sinus troubles, Gibson guitars and weight loss. No yoga. But plenty of celebrity sites, tax software downloads and movies on demand and all manner of exercise equipment. And baby gear. Babies apparently love yoga – as long as it’s stylish – and go ga-ga over the combo.

Normally, as I said earlier, I get a fair amount of spam. In fact, I get two to three times as much spam daily as I do comments from verifiable people. Spam is loyal like that. Dependable as the family dog.

I have no idea how much longer the onslaught will continue. Will it pump up my Technorati, do you think? Spam should be good for something, but I admit to a tiny thrill. It’s nice to be noticed in such a vast space like the cyber one is.

2 thoughts on “If you put “style” in the title, SPAM will come

  1. Interesting–I would not have thought about spam and Yoga posts. The post that seems to be a spammers fav (especially Chinese) of mine is one I did on a woman riding a bicycle across several states as a fundraiser. I have no idea why they like that one.

  2. I hate spam. I seem to only get chinese characters. I hate having Captcha on my blog too, but not as much as getting excited to read a comment only to find that it is not in English (or Swedish)

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