Yoga Style

We went over the different yoga movements in our last training session and I found a link that outlines them pretty well.

I am an Ashtangi with Iyengar tendencies for the moment. I think though that I am drawn to the philosophical aspects too. Perhaps it stems from my having wanted to be a priest when I was a little girl? A Catholic no-no and I can’t tell you how frustrated the sisters at my school were when they couldn’t convince me that being a nun was the same thing. Did I look gullible, perhaps?

Cold damp weather is oppressing me today – physically and spiritually. Surprising how quickly a person can be spoiled by sunshine.

Off to make lunch for my honey who is on his way home and then an afternoon on the mat (not with honey – elevate your minds people, I was referring to my yoga mat in my nearly finished new office space – pics soon.)

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