Washroom Adventures

UB shared a washroom tale that reminded me of my most recent adventure in public urination.

Well, not “public” because I am not quite Canadian enough yet to squat on the side of the road when nature calls in the middle of the prairie expanses*, but the public access to washrooms here, and their questionable cleanliness, continues to be a blight upon the resumé of my adopted land.

I was at Safeway on Friday. Yoga was cancelled as Jade’s daughter was felled with the latest plague of pukey tummy cutting a swath through the local schools. Dee was down last weekend and listed about pale and whiny for days after the vomiting ceased. So I cancelled rondezvous plans for lunch at BP’s with Rob and invited him home instead.

In our early days, Rob came home for lunch every day, but this cut into productivity on many levels and we reluctantly called a halt to it at the start of the school year this last fall. Lunch at home is a rare treat.

As I cruised the grocery aisle with purpose, I swung by its only washroom to make a pit stop. Occupied. Shopped a bit more and tried again. Occupied. A third try had me missing the vacancy by seconds as a young woman and her toddler emerged and an elderly man in gray sweats out dashed me for the door.

Heavy sigh.

I know this guy. I have seen him in the store before. He is one of two gentlemen whose homefulness is questionable and who use the Safeway washroom (did I mention there is only one in the entire store?) as a full service bath.

Standing outside the door, I heard the water running and the paper towels tearing. 4 minutes. At least. Water and towel tearing.

He slunk by me with head down and I walked in to find a sopping sink and wet floor.

Normally, I can be very yoga about this. Homeless people need to wash too, but I am less sanguine about the whole thing when I really need to pee. Patanjali just cannot be heard over the urgency of this particular bodily function. I am not above some things.

UB’s restroom tale spoke of being admonished to wash his hands by a “friendly” note** posted anonymously for all.

I didn’t go near that sink and I used the edge of my jacket sleeve to flush the toilet (would show no evidence of engagement – in case you were wondering) and the door handle.

I tried not to think about what might have been washed in that sink.

Seriously, one never knows – unless one is waiting in line.

*On our recent Spring Break road trip to the southlands, there were a few drivers here and there blithely pissing into the warming breeze.

**Friendly note courtesy of UB’s blog. Link in first paragraph, in case you missed it.

2 thoughts on “Washroom Adventures

  1. All right then, you made me LOL! Although I can appreciate the ‘angst’ of the moment.

    BTW, I was one of the participants in your workshop you presented this afternoon in Sherwood Park. I enjoyed your session and the things you shared. I love blogging and started my own sites to discipline myself to write more regularly. I’ve met the most amazing people.

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