A Mountain Wedding

Quick photo op of Cee and Why’s wedding in Revelstoke.

Bell "Huey"

Helicopter that ferried guests up the mountain as it was landing.

Wedding Guests and Watchers

Wedding party and guests

Vows on a Mountain

Why and Cee exchanging vows.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake, a snowy mountain with his/her skiers.


Rob and MK at the wedding dance

11 thoughts on “A Mountain Wedding

  1. Hi Anniegirl, This is Diane I posted a comment on your blog a while ago about what a nice town Revelstoke is especially to raise kids in. Well I happened by chance upon your blog again and it suddenly occurs to me I think they were at Whitneys Wedding! A perfect example of a small town …I work with Whitney. And the girl who made the cake. And the girl who made her veil is my best friend. Yup this is a definately a small town.LOL

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