Something I Seldom Do

After a punishing massage, I indulged in a roam through Staples and a sit down at the Starbucks in the nearby grocery. I needed a notepad for rewrites of my current novel and a change of scenery. 

Since mid-winter I have been avoiding going into town unless I had no other choice. It gets tiring, the in and out of the truck, trudging through snow, shielding from the prairie wind, and tip-toeing over ice, but now that spring is stubbornly muscling her dainty self onto the scene like Tinkerbell on steroids, the cooped up feeling is pushing me out of the house.

As usual, I lost track of the time and had to hot-foot it home to get lunch for Rob. He comes home most days, but today as I was finishing the food prep, he called to say he wouldn’t be able to make it because a meeting was scheduled unexpectedly and he wouldn’t have time. Disappointing, but it happens. 

So there I was with lunch and no table-mate and no real urge to gobble in front of the computer screen. Surfing is provoking a “meh” feeling lately.

Mad  wrote a Buffy the V post recently that has run around in my mind ever since and it occurred to me that perhaps I could watch a bit of Buffy with my lunch and peruse the episode guide. Yeah, I am a geek like that.

And that is what I did. I pulled out my favorite season – six – and put in a disc then settled back with my soup for about a half hour of paranormal deliciousness.

Season six is my favorite. It’s dark, angsty and full of character evolution. It is everything that good story-telling is, including being experimental. The episode, Once More with Feeling, is actually a musical and I love me some bursting into song on a moment’s notice. I wouldn’t mind at all if real life was like that.

There was a time when I strongly identified with this collection of work. I still admire the craft that went into the creation and it was interesting to connect with it again.

9 thoughts on “Something I Seldom Do

  1. Any musical that has the line “his penis has diseases from a Shumash tribe” is brilliant in my humble opinion. I fear I may now have to dive back in…

  2. “Bursting into song” happens all the time when you hang with theater people. And sometimes? you wish they’d burst into flames instead…

    need to watch buffy. have never actually seen an episode… but think i’d like it!

  3. BtVS was so different than the spoof movie which spawned it. I watched some of the last season but never followed it religiously. I caught the end of “Angel” too, but again, never really followed it. Fun stuff, like “Smallville”.

    1. Very dark humor but I loved the way it tackled huge metaphysical and moral issues with a paranormal alt/universe setting. It was not fluff even in those moments when it purposely masqueraded as such.

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