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2 thoughts on “Care2

  1. Hello Annie

    I was fascinated with your article on regarding the teacher/Wicca student conflict at Guthrie Center High School.

    I am curious if anyone has done a follow-up on this story to see how/where the student and teacher are now, and what steps, if any, the school has taken to avoid this in the future.

    I’ve also found these types of stories frustrating because the situation and short-term reactions are easily found, but not the final disposition or resolution of the conflict.

    I’m not a practicing Witch and have no objection to that or most any other religion, but I am fascinated by the machinations of our Local, State and Federal policies with regard to religion.

    Russ Dittmer

    1. Hi Russ,

      No, I don’t have any more information. I found the piece in The Des Moines Register but if they followed up, I must have missed it. As far as I know, the teacher was reprimanded and whether he kept his job or not depended on his willingness to adhere to the contract. i do know that there is a Christian school alternative in the area for teachers who find the public school’s inclusiveness in conflict with their faith. The pay though is usually much less than public schools, which accounts for the fact that many teachers simply keep their objections to themselves.

      As I read articles on this, it seemed to me that the local school officials really had their hands tied and it was up to the teacher to either honor his contract or move on. As a former teacher, I can tell you that our contracts are pretty clear and we are not free to exercise a pick and choose mentality when it comes to the kids who walk into our classrooms – which is as it should be.

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