Forgot How Hard This Was

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I haven’t tried to blog every day in eons, so I’d forgotten how hard it was to do. Consider my lack of interest in gazing at my own naval unless I happen to be on a yoga mat,the fact that I’ve kept it up is astounding me – if no one else. The fact remains though that I just don’t need to angst over the minutia of life or create issue from detail. Not anymore anyway.

And technically, I am blogging twice a day because yesterday, I posted original material to the BlogHer site as well as here, which is not exactly what a great many bloggers do. Take for example the mom blog that is whooping bum at the Canada Mom blogs competition*.  It’s an aggregator serving as a community events page for the most part. Not much content and this is another reason to be pleased with myself, even if I am going to barely maintain a spot in the top ten list there.

More spectacularly is that I have finally gotten around to taking an online writing class in addition and the extra hours pounding at the keyboard are showing and not just in my sore achy forearms because I am getting back into the habit of outlining and drafting, which is something that bloggers don’t really have cause to do. Progress is being made with my voice and technique though I sadly remain an indifferent speller and more fond of punctuation’s eye-herding and melodic usages than what the moldy oldy Strunk and White have to say (and the irony of White pontificating about punctuation still amuses me).

If I were really ambitious, I’d start up the yoga blog again too, but I am not really ambitious. That’s my eternal issue. My inner Annie has never seen the need to work myself like a rented mule even if there was a really good reason to do so, and there never really is. Work should never crowd out life or even compete with it seriously. I suppose one could argue that I chose teaching for this reason, and you’d be mostly correct except that I also had to be freakishly good at it. The big bonus of being a teacher was that it came to me easily so, unlike some, I didn’t have to take it home with me after the first few years.

But it’s late, this post will just come in under the wire for the day. It was a big day. Potato soup. Which was excellent. Herding a child to soccer practice and enduring a spur of the moment play date sans benefit of sleeping in and snow. It has finally snowed.

Tomorrow is another day. Perhaps more interesting and then again maybe not. But I will blog. And again the day after. Twice daily until the end of the month. A modest ambition and just maybe, ambition can be cultivated.

* Just an fyi, thanks to all that have voted in the last two days, I am back in 7th place and have a shot at 6th if I can snag another 20 votes. If you are inclined, you can vote daily by just clicking here. Six more days and then we are done with this – I promise.

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