The Beginning Is Near

The Beginning is near #occupy #m1gs

The Beginning is near #occupy #m1gs (Photo credit: pieceoplastic)


With the Hollywood/Walking Dead version of the Mayan apocalypse giving way to being a complete bust, I found this Facebook/Pinterest meme that was rather appropriate for the occasion.

As a people, we are fond of catastrophic endings. Immersing ourselves in the wreckage of aftermaths. It’s the rare person who immediately upon the heels of an upending situation ponders the possibility of a future that doesn’t dwell on all the stereotypical gloom and self-defeatist propaganda.

And I am not thinking about the Oprah-esque self-help faux bootstrapy cheer, but of considering the very real fact that nothing starts anew, generally, unless something else is over.

It’s naive to believe that little has changed in the last five or six years and that a return to the status quo of a decade or some ago is just around the next corner. The world became a different place one bad decision and several startling events at a time since the century turned over nearly 12 years ago.

Although it’s unfortunate that many of us are still stranded in outmoded ways of thinking about the basics of daily living, it doesn’t mean that time is patiently waiting for clues to be caught.

A new beginning is nigh. I have felt it coming for a long while now. Whether it is a good or a bad thing will be in the eye of the particular beholder, whose choice will be – as it always – to reach for the future with empty hands or to make half-assed attempts to hold onto past crap while scrambling to grab onto what is ahead.

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