Alison Redford’s Vagina

Alison Redford

Alison Redford (Photo credit: dave.cournoyer)

Really. That was one of the search terms that led some sick individual to my blog today.

Who is Alison Redford? She is the current leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta and so our Premier. Why her vagina is of more importance to someone than the myriad of scandals that everyone from the Wildrose Party to the NDP are hot to pin on her at the moment, I couldn’t tell you. Fetish is in the imaginative eye of the beholder, I guess.

I do spend time going through the search terms here. They range from “huh?” to “meh?” to “I need to shower off?” to “oh my that is so sad.” Sometimes I prefer not to know why people end up here.

In the past, a lot of widowed folk arrived, gobbled up archived posts and left.

Now it’s more often people who are dating widowed people as though dating widowed is somehow more incomprehensible than dating divorced or those who for whatever reason haven’t ever made it to the altar at all. Mostly, I think, people have lost the ability to view relationships of a romantic/sexual nature in the same way they view other relationships in their lives. As something mutually beneficial and in need of time, attention and communication. But that’s another post for another day – perhaps.

Often – it seems – sex … or vaginas … bring folks here.

FYI – this isn’t that kind of blog. If I discuss the female anatomy at all, it’s because I have one and there are things about it that are annoying, perplexing or just causing me grief. Or I am engaging in a feminist screed of some sort. Nothing titillating here folks, move along.

This is not the sex blog you are looking for.

3 thoughts on “Alison Redford’s Vagina

  1. Well, it is certainly an eye catching title. I have noticed similar search engine terms myself and always feel a wee bit embarrassed and sad that they have chanced upon my site, when it is so clearly going to disappoint them.

    1. Does jump out and grab the eye. Certainly did in my search feed.

      I don’t know that I feel sad for anyone who is hoping this is a porn blog and discovers it so is not, but I do wonder about Google.

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