The Lazy Woman’s Holiday Letter

The lazy woman would be me and the default cop-out is a pictorial year in review.

5 thoughts on “The Lazy Woman’s Holiday Letter

  1. Did I see you and others sporting “Tilly” hats!? I just learned about them from a friend at a dog park I frequent with my Sadie, goggled them. and now am quite enamored – thinking of one of the new, woolen ones wider brimmed for the coming winter. A Canadian import to this US female who cannot stand to feel cold on any part of the body

    I thought your photo montage was lovely, and enjoyed the whimsical music accompanying so many delightful images!

    1. oh, crap – I did not “goggle” the Tilly hat (makes a funny picture in my head – Tilly’s come with goggles – but who knows, it could happen” – I GOOGLED the darn hat then misspelled – but maybe I can just GIGGLE at the whole Goggle Fiasco. Might as well have fun with it, yes?!

  2. Awwww….I’m such a sucker for a holiday “letter.” I like the one of the three sisters. And your kitchen/dining & living area is beautiful. Well done.

    I might get my cards out by new year’s ~

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