Better Late Than Not at All

Never fear, it is November and I will blog every day, barring calamity.

Daylight Saving Time

Image by Mike Licht, via Flickr

The BlogHer post is here for those who are interested, but otherwise just a quick update on the weekend.

Whatever has been ailing me appears to finally be giving up. Today was the first day I didn’t feel like falling over literally in about a week. The gash on my foot was remarkably better today as well now that the wound is closed and the swelling diminished. Just in time for the child to start looking pale and complaining on and off about her tummy. Though so far she has not vomited or run a fever, she is pale and not straying far from quiet play in the not quite finished living room.

The kitchen tile is looking stellar.

Edie stopped by for lunch and visited into the early evening.

And now it’s time for bed. Or nearly so.

Fall break is this week. Poppies are everywhere and the living room might actually get painted and if we make it until Wednesday with no snow fall whatsoever, it will be some kind of climate change freaky record for the Edmonton area.

What’s new with you?

2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Not at All

  1. Treading water. As you say in your next post, lots going on behind the scenes that I’m not at liberty to share. It wouldn’t help the situation, although it might help me to have a sympathetic audience. I have no patience for people who will not use solutions available to them, especially when their problem affects those they say they love the most.

  2. glad you’re recovering. and amazed you’re keeping up with the daily writing…. i thought about it briefly, but realized i have very little to say these days. things are pretty good out here… for now. and i’ll take that….

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