Before I Die …

A yogi blogger I follow converted the side of an abandoned neighborhood building into a giant chalkboard that allowed the residents of the neighborhood to chalk in what’s important to them in the form of a fill in the blank asking them to complete the following sentence.

Before I die I want to …

The wall filled in over the course of a single day.

Not all the life’s “goals” moved the earth or are destined to  shake any foundations, but even the most simple have a basis in the human need to leave a mark.

Not in a “that’s gonna leave a mark” type of way, but in the small way that we all hope to be remembered for something by someone else.

Though my blog is not so public. I invite anyone who reads this to share an aspiration large or small or multiple.

10 thoughts on “Before I Die …

  1. Before I die I want to use every ounce of the talents that have been given to me. This is the only way I see that will allow me not to have regrets.

  2. Before I die I want to make sure that I did backups of my MySQL databases 🙂
    At some point I became workaholic and that’s kinda protects me from any disappointments coming with fear of death..

  3. in one of my more manic moments, i could have probably filled that wall single-handedly… but today? it’s easy…

    before i die i want to see both of my children thrive, living the lives they want to live…

  4. Before I die, I want to go to India.

    Maybe next year around this time. I want to go as a global volunteer: that way, you have safe surroundings and people to show you the sites on your down time.

    1. I hope it is still a safe place next year. They are having food security issues and I heard about rioting recently over high prices.

      Good luck with this ambition. It’s noble.

  5. before I die, I want to live with everyone I love.

    Not in the residential sense, of course. But in the “let’s have one of those moments” type of living.

    1. That’s interesting. My husband, who is the hermit king, expressed a desire to have the grown children living nearby. Like the old days when the family lived in the same apartment buildings or in adjoining row homes in the cities or everyone lived on the family farm with additions or new homes being built as needed.

      Across the street in our little hamlet, three siblings live in a row with their spouses and growing broods.

      There is something awesome about living near your besties – whether it is family or friends. Having people at arm’s reach or just a quick walk next door or down the street (or hallway).

      An admirable life’s goal.

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