My Email Romance

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Rob courted me with the assistance of Yahoo and Google. 600 and some emails later we were married.

In the wee hours of yesterday morning, some douchebag hacked the older of the two accounts, which exists only as a storage box for old correspondence/love letters between Rob and I. It’s derelict otherwise.

The culprit changed the password but forget to change the settings, so it wasn’t difficult to get back in and lock it up. But what to do about the history before junking the account?

The server cleverly prohibits exporting old files en masse. For that service, one must “upgrade”.

“I don’t think so,” Rob said.

And he sat down and within an hour managed to jumpstart the process of moving all my precious mail intact and to another location.

I’ll close that account now. But it deserves this final eulogy for the part it played in something awesome, love.


3 thoughts on “My Email Romance

  1. I was also courted through technology – and to this day I would have saved the very first voicemail Randy left me – but I switch from Verizon to AT&T – but in my mind I can still hear him signing off with “Okay, Peace.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that again. Glad you got to save those letters….

  2. That’s worse than someone rifling through the old shoebox of love letters on the shelf in the closet. Glad to hear Rob was able to save the lot of them.

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