The Pocket Cemetery

Roadside Memorial Day

It had to happen. Roadside memorials being a bitch to set up and maintain and what with friends and relatives forever asking to see pictures of the latest anniversary or holiday grave decorating, a cemetery app was inevitable. It’s handy – literally – and Facebook update ready (I’m assuming because if one can’t update the graveside status for the FB peeps – what good is it really?)

And it’s creepy wrong on levels of levels. There’s so much that’s sick on both sides of this app – seller and buyer – that it’s hard to know where to begin.

It reminds me of prayer cards.

My Catholic experience with death and funerals includes holy “baseball cards” with pictures of the deceased, born on and expiry dates, a prayer of some kind and a cool religious icon on the front.

Which, I guess, is creepy too except that you didn’t carry them around and whip them out like the latest baby photos.

3 thoughts on “The Pocket Cemetery

  1. ick. so very glad that my mom isn’t sufficiently technologically functional to do this for dad… hoping like mad that my extended family doesn’t discover it and decide to set one up for her…

    1. I think people should be forced to wait 6 months or a year before setting up any kind of memorial … burying someone even. The whole “memorial” idea fades with time. It did for me and I wasted money and time creating one for Will that no one ever visits. Not even virtually.

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