Palin’s Crib Notes: Quit Mocking Her

Okay, she wrote them on her hand in the form of talking points. Let the mocking begin.

Except, I don’t get it. On the rare occasions that I speak in front of a group, I outline the important “talking” points and keep them close. This way, nothing is inadvertently left out. I am not someone with the means, or the skill, to use a prompter of some sort. I don’t write out speeches either because I know that I will end up simply reading them. Outlines and reminder notes let me simply interact with my audience and be “authentic” in my presentation.

And yes, the whole writing on the hand thing is very teenage girl. Girly in the extreme. But I think Palin’s tendency to go “girl” in the spotlight has been established, so why the mocking?

She wrote her talking points down and put them somewhere handy (get it? it’s a pun. handy.) Proved she was thinking and at least she learned something from some of those disastrous interviews she’s given in the past. Perhaps working with the brain trusts at Fox – like Glenn Beck for example – has schooled her a bit.

But she mocked Obama for the teleprompter you are thinking. Turnabout is fair play. Except she was mocking him for being such a cold fish – not for using a prompter. You did catch that, right? The day Sarah is more subtle than her detractors is a sad, frightening one indeed.

Anyway, the mocking makes “liberals” look petty and desperate*. They should stop. Just saying.

*Seriously. She is going to be a GOP presidential candidate for 2012. The “folk” are simple-minded and the Dems need a better plan than simply mocking her for faux-pas’s that “normal” people do themselves.

5 thoughts on “Palin’s Crib Notes: Quit Mocking Her

  1. The “plain folks” masquerade is old, worn out, and untrue. As long as that myth is perpetuated there is still a chance that someone will believe it. It’s time to call them out. It’s like letting the class clown get away with misbehavior because s/he makes people laugh. The jig is up ~ we need to hold Palin, and Bush and his cronies, accountable for what they’ve said and done.

    1. Unfortunately, there are “plain” folk. I taught their kids. I know them. They are a silent mob who are content to not participate so long as things run smoothly and they are the first to be taken in by people like teabaggers, Fox News and Palin (who IS one of them -but who long ago learned how to put her good looks and ability to manipulate to her advantage). Mock these people and their idols at your peril. They only understand that their way of life – that which trickles down – is crumbling, and they are looking for someone to blame.

  2. i read a commentary (probably via “The Daily Dish”, Andrew Sullivan) that explained Palin’s appeal very well — “she speaks for the inarticulate”. Why they tolerate her folksy misstatements (like Bush before her) as a sign that she’s just “Plain folks, like us…”. The choice of writing on her hand, vs small notecards or a legal pad? Could it have been on purpose?

    1. Rob and I were just having this conversation. Palin does indeed resonate with the common people. She is their homecoming queen. The crib notes could have been calculated but she seems like someone who has not out-grown her pretty girl coping mechanisms, so it’s a toss-up.

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