My Dead Husband’s Goatee on Brad Pitt’s Face

Very odd to see Will’s goatee dangling off the end of Brad Pitt’s chin. This is the time of year when Will shaved away the winter beard and went back to his goatee. He hated clean shaven because he had a round baby face. Whiskers aged him and he liked that.

His goatee was long. No dreads back in jutted off his chin to become this soft bushy brush that I would twirl my fingers through. Pitt’s looks rather thin and old man in comparison despite the fact that Will’s was beginning to gray a bit too.

My MIL hated that goatee.

“Why don’t you tell him to trim it at least,” she would say to me, but he would just grin and reply for me,

“She loves it the way it is,” and then he would smile at me like we were two children in cahoots.

The celeb mags debate the sexiness of this style and why on earth Pitt’s wife puts up with it, but I can attest – as I have married two bearded men now – that the appeal is in the man more than the grizzle. Only some men can pull off this look.

4 thoughts on “My Dead Husband’s Goatee on Brad Pitt’s Face

  1. I’m married to a bearded man. I hate when he shaves it off. His isn’t long. His boss doesn’t even like that he keeps it as long as he does. But people ask him and me all the time how I put up with it. I don’t put up with anything. I enjoy every hair.

    Except for this one odd one that springs out of nowhere and always seems to be an inch long, even when I pull it out the night before.

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