God’s Mid-term Election Herald

Is a demon sheep apparently. Carly Fiorina fired the first teabagger shot in the California Republican primary with this rather wordy, but totally hilarious negative television ad.

Went all James Cameron on the special effects, didn’t they?

I don’t know what was more amateurish. The fact that it segued from one word sound-bites to an Exorcist inspired narrator who addresses someone named Tom instead brainwashing the masses (who probably headed to the kitchen for snacks after the Sesame Street Christian Lady stopped talking), or that the ad seems to imply that Republicans are sheep* and that “Tom” has some sort of fetish for dressing up and stalking them.

The “wolf” in sheep’s clothing, who looks suspiciously like a staffer wearing a rug from Wal-Mart, must really need that job to ruin his khakis like that.

Mid-term election hell has begun. It’s going to be a long 2010 for you folks down under (and by “down under” I mean under Canada, where our Prime Minister suspends Parliament on a whim every 9 or 10 months – bet you wish Obama could do that, eh?)

*Which is an apt a symbol as you will find.

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