My Life as a Knight

You Are a Knight
You are very unusual and even a bit eccentric. No one can really figure you out easily.
Because you’re not predictable, people behave irrationally around you. They may feel threatened by your presence, or they may underestimate you completely.

You do best when you’re close to the action. You don’t move quickly, so you need to be near the center of things if you want to make a difference.
You tend to act quickly, and decisively. In fact, you are often the first person to make a move.

Actually, this makes total sense. One of the things that made me an effective teacher was the fact that children had a hard time reading me. This tended to make them docile in the long run because they only thing they knew for sure was that doing what I wanted ensured a peaceful co-existence  and that going against me would result in something unpleasant.

I found this game via my husband. It proclaimed him “king” which should surprise no one who knows even the tiniest thing about him. One thing it mentioned was that many people depend on him and would be doomed should he “go down”. There are several people I can think of for whom this would be true but ultimately, they would simply become my responsibility, so it would be okay. Not as okay as they would be with him. I have a shorter fuse and am less willing/able in some cases to fix things. I am not one of the doomed and I find that sad on one hand and reassuring on the other.

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