The Search Term that Brought You here

It’s amusing to look over the search terms. Below are the searches for the first two days of this month.

Dudley DoRight in all its various forms shows up quite a bit. I am unable to ascertain why but think there may be some porn site involved. One where Horse and Dudley’s love interest finally declare their true feelings for each other.

The queries about over 40 sex, or sometimes it’s just “middle-aged sex” are somewhat sad.

Most of the books I have reviewed land people here at some point and that Lisa Parker still draws googlers is a testament to curiosity.

People are oddly drawn to hair. Men with it  and women without it. And, sadly, fletching [sic] (ed. should be felching?) still brings perverts from all over despite the fact that I mentioned it once in passing in a post a long time ago.

I have to admit that the “saint for widowed men” was a new one. I have no doubt there is one. There is a saint for everything in my version of Catholicism and rightly so.

Peeing continues to be big. I have searches near daily on the topic in some form or another. I guess that means I have blogged a bit too much about it and should give it a rest.

The wedding cake thing perplexes me. Rob’s nephew and his wife had a cake like a ski mountain with a tiny man and women atop and ready to ski down. I wouldn’t have thought it a common wedding theme – skiing – but perhaps this is a sign that there are fewer Disney Princess brides out there than I thought.

Moving on is a big draw too. I am, apparently, a guru of sorts on the topic. There are worse things to be known for but I cannot claim any extra special information. The “moving on” fairies never set up residence in my house.

Blondie Mommix? Clueless. And I am equally out of the loop regarding John Cusack’s New Year’s Eve plans this year. Normally, I would get the memo, but I have been out of the social whirl for a while. But hey, John, if you are at loose ends, you are welcome to drop by. It will probably be just popcorn and a family movie and we go to bed well before midnight. Just saying.


Search Views
sex frequency over 40 2
dudley do right 2
hairy chest 2
lisa parker production manager 1
blondie mommix goes for a ride 1
10-10-10 book review 1
saint for widowed men 1
urinating in the woods 1
dudley doright cartoon 1
mountain skiing wedding cake 1


Search Views
widow moving on 1
dudley do right pictures 1
dudley doright images 1
where will john cusack be on new years e 1
hairy chest 1
hairychest 1
fletching sex 1
hairless women 1
“six-on-six basketball,” ‘sexism” 1



8 thoughts on “The Search Term that Brought You here

  1. does it scare you any that there is so much porn out there and that we’re…okay, okay…you and a select few others… are the only normal person out on the web?

    1. It’s being “normal” that keeps my blog relatively obscure, which somedays I am not as thrilled with as I am on others. But worry? I think any time a person steps out of the confines whether it be on the web or into real time, there are risks. It’s part of life. The porn thing is sad and speaks to the larger issue of personal alienation that is more and more common.

  2. these are pretty odd… i get lots of “girl scout” porn searches, but “trailer park granny panties” and “how much to feed a refugee” are two of the more entertaining ones from just today…

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