A Random Update

The paperwork from Care2 arrived in my inbox last evening, so after I fill them out and fax them back I will officially be a freelancer under contract. And then I need to get to work on my first couple of posts. I am considering the following: the effect of state budget cuts on the classroom, what parents think needs reforming and trying to coerce a union rep I know into giving me her take on the current mood in terms of reform in the coming lean years. Compelling, eh? Probably only to people in the industry, politicos and anyone with a kid still in the public education arena.

I am also charged with making comparisons between the Canadian and U.S. systems and I am going to look at online delivery and home school. The latter two are, in my opinion, done much better here. Oh, and I am going to explain the funding system in Alberta. It’s different.

Wow, I just reread what I wrote and I have a ton of work to do. Especially in light of the fact that I promise a live NaNoWriMo for November and I am working on memoir.

November will be chick lit, by the way. I have decided to tell the whole story of Julie and Walt. FYI.

Memoir has been keeping me from the blog this past bit. Not that the words aren’t flowing. They are drenching pages. Every chapter I have worked on has doubled its word count. But I am mining that painful year and a half from hospice through meeting Rob. It’s not pretty stuff and I was not a wonderful person and I have harsh assessments of myself, my family, his family and friends and the whole process that surrounds dying, death and the aftermath. I am also startling myself. The rear view is an interesting one and I am beginning to see why people were either put off by me or marveled at my fortitude. I can see too now that my way was the right way for me. The widely held notion that there are givens/milestones in the process cripples more people than it helps – but that is just my opinion.

I will be glad to get to the chapters on Rob and I. Not that there weren’t obstacles or that what we did was easy. I think people get the impression that ours is some kind of fairy tale ending. That we are anomalies. Not so. Relationships don’t spring up from magic beans. And contrary to popular (widowed person) opinion that new love distracts from grieving, it more often highlights it and forces you to give heed.

Anyway, I am working. A lot.

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