The Town Hall Idiot

Last week there was a viral campaign on Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness for Obama’s healthcare plan. People were asked to post the following in their status/update bars:

No one should die because they cannot afford health care and no one should go broke because they get sick. Agree? PLZ RT

And so I did and attracted the attention of my own personal town hall idiot in Atlanta, GA. How do I know he lives there? He sent me his address after he tweeted me with an absurd, reactionary diatribe.

twitter asshole 2

twitter asshole 1

I have been told by a friend who attended a town hall meeting in the Chicago area that protesters do indeed stand outside and yell “get a job” at those who support universal health care. She found their chanting absurd and beside the point. She has a good job with excellent benefits but she is not the norm. There are many employed people with no or inadequate and outrageously expensive health insurance and with unemployment on a tidal wave rise showing no signs of stopping the practice of tying health care to jobs is long past time for retirement.

The stalker told me to grow up and learn about responsibility. As if. But I am more and more certain that the U.S. should rethink why anyone would grant their claim to “greatest nation on earth” these days.

7 thoughts on “The Town Hall Idiot

  1. The tweet has reached Malaysia, and people have been putting it up.

    I know it is for Americans to decide their own healthcare, but I do wish some of them (your stalker, for instance) would be less rude.

  2. as a Northerner, of course I want to blast Georgians for acting, so, well, Southern. But, I’m sure they aren’t all like that.

    what craziness

  3. This is so sad…it makes me embarrassed to say I’m from Atlanta originally. I need to say that I DO NOT agree with his politics in anyway.

    Interestingly, I think I know exactly where he lives….

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