Hump Day, Right?

Lost track of the days. Partly because it was the Long Weekend but Rob is on holiday and I measure time by his schedule or Dee’s schedule in the summer because the familiar road markers of my schedule are on hiatus.

There is really nothing to blog about today. Some might argue that I rarely write about anything of import, so why would today be any different? But it’s very true of today. It’s just Wednesday. I will take Dee to swim lessons and then skipping camp and be home in time to make lunch and help Rob pour cement for the sidewalks around the side of the house and retaining wall out back by the drive.

On the writing front, I tossed around Eubie ideas because I promised a bit of flash for Friday and because I think Eubie has a novel in him. A short one. Angst driven urban fantasy with a dollop of social commentary. It’s a shame I don’t have the time to knock that one  off because one of my favorite agent blogs is open to submissions again – but I have memoir and Sundogged. The latter took a wild turn and I have to redirect it. I still think I will have it done before school starts. At this point I am aiming for done and will work on polish in the fall. 

Rob read the four chapters of memoir I pounded out last week.

“It’s compelling,” was his quick and dirty assessment. I think that’s good. He did go on to clarify later that he thought I’d done a decent job of the writing. He wouldn’t tell me that if he didn’t think so regardless of how awesome a wife I am because he is a Virgo and a precisionist when it comes to the written word.

I’m going to polish it over the next couple of weeks and then perhaps let someone other than Rob read it. I am leery to lend it out, but I need to know if it is “compelling” to someone who doesn’t sleep with me, and I could use the extra beta readers. I think most writers have a number one reader, but I’m betting also they have second and third opinions as well.

4 thoughts on “Hump Day, Right?

  1. I remember the first time I held up my master’s thesis for outside review. It was a friend, but still it was daunting. By then it had already been through the critical reading process with two professors, so it was ready for the outside world, but still….

  2. Wow! Good luck with the writing! Someday I hope to have time to do more serious writing, but for now I must stick to blogging.

    Thanks for the comment over at Deep South Moms 🙂

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