Conversations about Life After Death … and Sex

We went without the new air-conditioner the other night as the weather has swung hard toward fall. With the a/c and the fans off, we can hear the house creaking and groaning again. The upstairs is far less prone to otherworldly knocking and since Rob and the girls took Shelley’s ashes for scattering in Kananaskis last month, the house has had a psychically empty feel to it.

“How do you want me to haunt you?” Rob asked as he crawled into bed and I nestled into the crook of his arm, my head resting on his shoulder.

“Nothing scary,” I said. “You know I wouldn’t appreciate being scared.”

“No knocking and rattling?”

“You’ll have to think of something else,” I told him. “Something I would appreciate.”

“How about cuddling then?” he said.

“Oh, I would like that. Ghostly cuddles would not be scary.”*

“Cuddles it is then,” he agreed.

“But I am wondering,” I said, “if you are dead and on the other side, what would Shelley have to say about you coming back here to cuddle me?”

“Buzz-kill,” he muttered.

Only we could have a rational conversation like this.

* I realize that it’s a matter of opinion.

7 thoughts on “Conversations about Life After Death … and Sex

  1. A soft, hazy presence in the outer reaches of the room would be my preferred mode of haunting. There but not intrusive, available but not imposing.

  2. Cuddles…I know I like real-life cuddles.

    I’d rather not discuss death right now, the topic is too close to home.
    Good to be back on your blog.

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