Bad Reader – Meme’ng Instead

So Newsweek has a list of the 50 Books we must read NOW. As thankful as I was to not see The Great Gatsby or anything by Hemingway, I saw only one book that I have actually read – Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. 

And put off though I was by the Amazon links which would enable me to buy the books right NOW, I wondered how many of you, my gentle readers have read through, or any at all, from the list and what you would recommend. Keeping in mind that I am up to my eyeballs in words unwritten as I entertain (and endless cook) for my house guests.

Between books I have agreed to review and the ones publishers just send me because … I’m me apparently … and the books I impulsively check out of the library or buy at the 40% off table at the grocery, knowing I have no time to read them, I certainly don’t need more reading material. But I enjoy feeling overwhelmed and inadequate as a writer who should read more and simply doesn’t. 

And if you have a book that you believe Newsweek, in their hubris, overlooked, let us all know about it.

8 thoughts on “Bad Reader – Meme’ng Instead

  1. I haven’t read any of the books, including Frankenstein. Have to read them now? Don’t think so. Some sound interesting, though, and I’ll put them on my library holds list.

  2. I, too, haven’t read many books on the list; however, when I clicked on the 100 books as Alicia did, I HAD read many of those. Thanks for another list to add to my Amazon wish list—LOL

  3. I’d only read a few of those READ NOW books; most I’d never even heard of. I did, however, click on the associated link to the top 100 books. Cindy will be glad to know that four women made the top 20: Jane Austen, Margaret Mitchell, Toni Morrison, and Virginia Woolf. (And I was relieved to know that I’d read 11 of the top 20.)

  4. In the first 20 of Newsweek’s “must” list, I counted one woman author. There were a few more in the next 30. Maybe a half dozen altogether. This is why this list and others like it piss me off. Women spend way more dollars on books then men, and yet we’re supposed to read mostly male authors?? I don’t think so. Some excellent women authors: Jane Austen, Margaret Atwood, Alice Hoffman, Carol Shields, Alice Munro, Sara Lewis, Sue Miller. Just a few of my favorites, none on Newsweek’s list…

  5. I hate being told that I HAVE to do something NOW. Be that as it may, you really should read “Do Androids Dream…” I’m shallow enough to have picked it up because it was made into a movie but ended up really enjoying it. DeLillo’s Underworld? Ugh. Couldn’t finish it. I must be dumb.

    Anything that encourages people to read is okay with me.

    And you should take a look at the accompanying where Chip Kidd picks his favorite covers. That guy is a pretty big deal in the world of graphic design.

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