Being Interesting for the Monday Meme

Nothing like the promise of being interesting to rise the bar to stratospherically impossible heights, eh?

And I will disappoint utterly because I am not interesting and for the life of me can’t figure out why anyone reads this beyond those of you who are friends. My life is a bit out of the ordinary, I suppose, and perhaps I am a tad outspoken, but I am not a celebrity or humorist or guru. I began this as an outlet and continued with the misguided intention of providing hope and a real example for others who’d lost a spouse and now I simply write about my life and aspirations, such as it is and they are.

I ran across a link on Twitter courtesy of Guy Kawasaki of Alltop about how one goes about being interesting as a blogger. 

It got me wondering. What do you like about this blog? Seriously. I want to know.

22 thoughts on “Being Interesting for the Monday Meme

  1. Sorry I’m getting here a little late. I can’t remember how I found your writing, maybe through the bloggess. I don’t have much in common with your life, as far as I can tell, but you write well and convincingly and it’s like a little window into a different world. I don’t agree with many of your opinions, but much in the same way it opens thinks up and makes me think. Like a foil. I guess it resonates but because the communication is crystal clear. I enjoy coming here.
    Oh, also I left a clunky comment that was sort of personal and you replied. That was nice.

  2. I just get a different view of things from you. From where you live, and the struggles you have. I find for myself, you are an acquired taste, but once acquired, not easy to let go.

  3. I’m of the similar opinion of the other commenters: its a universal story that unites us, and when you write honestly and are authentic to who you are, it resonates with others.

  4. I like the variety, the honesty, the insight into your life and the fact that you often make me think outside my normal thought processes. I like to hear about your aspirations and your progress. I certainly also feel a sense of connectedness to your story: our late and present spouses names, and our timeline in particular.

  5. I think the broad diversity of topics you cover. You write about all things, anything drifting through your life at the time. It’s like a buffet: if you don’t like what it is, pass on it. That’s how I approach it, and it’s how I try to present my blog too.

  6. I like to see how other writers who have not yet struck a major publishing deal handle the writing life. It’s really a hard thing for me, and I like feeling I am not alone in the struggle. You help me do that.

  7. To put it simply, you write about subjects that I identify with. I’m a mom, I work for a school district, I was widowed, I am now married to a man that was widowed. You often post about subjects that I am familiar with. I don’t have enough energy at present to read about things I’m not familiar with, although I hope to someday be able to broaden my horizons.

  8. I’ll risk being honest. I hope it doesn’t blow-up in my face.

    I love the writing stuff, like the family stuff but usually gloss over the 50-Something Moms stuff. That doesn’t mean the Mom stuff is weak. It just means I’m not the target audience.

    1. Writing first? Others “meh”? Well, I did ask. The 50 something posts are just a filler and more importantly a way for me to archive stuff. I have lost writing before on other people’s sites and don’t want that to happen again.

  9. you are real. i do not believe for one second that you are pretending to be something you are not. you are smart as hell, thoughtful, exceptionally articulate… and funnier than you realize! but perhaps most of all? even though we are perhaps 180 degrees out of phase as we live our lives, i feel a resonance with your words… isn’t that why we read through X00’s of blogs daily?

  10. For me, I’d say it’s a bit voyeuristic, in a literary sense. True, I don’t know you but it’s very interesting to read your posts and get glimpses of who you are and your thoughts on certain topics. Contrary to your belief, I find you to be very interesting (through your writing of course) Your writing captures my attention and I have a penchant for good writing. Honestly, I read them every morn before I venture out in the pre-dawn hours for my ritual run (yes, its 2:45am here, PST).

    Be well Anniegirl and I look forward to tomorrow’s post.

    Btw – anything on the pen name yet?

    1. Yeah, I still can’t quite get my mind around being interesting but you are not the first person to dispute me. It’s interesting to let others comment on one’s self.

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