querying my gentle readers

Nothing like the promise of being interesting to rise the bar to stratospherically impossible heights, eh?

And I will disappoint utterly because I am not interesting and for the life of me can’t figure out why anyone reads this beyond those of you who are friends. My life is a bit out of the ordinary, I suppose, and perhaps I am a tad outspoken, but I am not a celebrity or humorist or guru. I began this as an outlet and continued with the misguided intention of providing hope and a real example for others who’d lost a spouse and now I simply write about my life and aspirations, such as it is and they are.

I ran across a link on Twitter courtesy of Guy Kawasaki of Alltop about how one goes about being interesting as a blogger. 

It got me wondering. What do you like about this blog? Seriously. I want to know.