You’ve Reached the End of the Internet

I can’t remember how long ago now, but there was a commercial for something unrelated where a man was surfing the web with his family off camera making all kinds of normal nuclear suburban pod-like noises. As he surfs, a message suddenly appears informing him that he has reached the literal end of the Internet. He stares, puzzled, and then prepares to click again when the screen warns him, 

“Go back, now.”

Startled, he gets up and heads off-camera to rejoin his family.

For a while now I have felt that perhaps I have reached the end of the Internet personally, but I can’t say positively yet.

3 thoughts on “You’ve Reached the End of the Internet

  1. – Perhaps a writing sabbatical could be a healthy prospect.
    – Perhaps taking some time away to enjoy some of the grandeur mother earth could be rewarding
    – Perhaps you will find fresh outlooks and vivid imaginations dancing around in your head, yearning to be penned onto parchment after a brief time away from the laptop / desktop.
    – Perhaps …….

    I’m very fond of your entries and would really miss reading them however all GOOD writers need to enjoy some time away to re-charge their artistic batteries.

    Be well and good cheers ….

  2. As much as I get anxiety thinking I won’t be able to click on your site, I understand. I have been blogging about writing for 7 years now and I often feel like I’m repeating myself. I’ve written several books on my blog–the process is always a little bit different but not THAT much. So, like you, I have been thinking about my own end of the internet. What that would feel like, if I could do it, if I’d regret it. I’m not quite ready yet, but that day will come. I feel like it’s just out of sight. I feel like the only person I’m hanging on for is myself.

  3. Is that like reaching the shore of a vast sea, or more like the event horizon of a black hole? How many clicks does it take to get to the end of the Internet?

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