Got Art?

Mad Hat had a post a while ago about owning a piece of art. Real art. Not the stuff that your child brings home and papers the fridge with. She shared a painting she had.



I was into blank white walls before I met Rob, so when he suggested we invest in a painting while we were in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, I was bit out of my depth. We were strolling through a gallery and discovered the work of Jesse Barnes. He does “light paintings” which means that as the light in a room changes throughout the day, so does the shadowing and colors in the picture. And the painting that hangs in our living room is of the Tetons in Idaho where Rob and I first “met”. Well, physically anyway.

What’s hanging around your home?

15 thoughts on “Got Art?

  1. My house is full of art. Gavin was an artist and our house has many of his pieces (tho it’s considered tacky to show your own work, I talked him into it, eventually) as well as tons of work that he traded with friends and a few choice purchases/trades of artists known outside our region (esp. photographers). Now that he’s gone I’ve taken a few things down — esp. works by his friends from before he even knew me, some of whom died before him.

    OTOH now that he’s gone I’ve created a real “family photos” section at the base of the stairs, suitably informal; life before him, him, and my new husband’s second family as well.

    It’s essential, I think, to have real beauty and meaning around you. No need to be intimidated — but I could never live with blank walls, even if all I put up was postcards.

  2. I’ve got several etchings of Stephen’s installations plus original artwork by four reasonably well known Australian contemporary artists.

    Of course Stephen’s work is incredibly precious to me but I am also very attached to the two jaw droppingly beautiful pieces created by Peter Miller from his series Biologika. you can see them here

    and if you haven’t already seen his work please check out the eros section. Like all this work they are created using mathematical algorithms

  3. just starting to put things up. slowly. methodically. my bedroom used to have vintage military recruiting posters, but i’m not sure i want them in my new place. it’ll be at least another year before i have more than a few sections ‘occupied’. i’ve only been here 8 months.

    now my refrigerator? that’s a different meme!

  4. Prints of Lynn Snow’s work. She is a Maine artist. We have one of her original watercolors that reminds us of a summer camp where our family had good times.

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