Annie Needs A Monday Meme

This was originally on the blog of the Ultra Fabulous Miss P.

I found it on Rob’s site yesterday

Google your name and the word “needs” in quotes (”Annie needs”) and see what results come up. The results will be highlighted in the little paragraph contained below each result. List the first 20 and then tag* 20 or more of your friends.

Annie needs

1) to be rescued by the Armed Forces

2) a Daddy Warbucks

3) a home (oddly this came up a half dozen or so times)

4) a miracle

5) to release a live album

6) prayers

7) jesus! (with a small “j”, really)

8) some help

9) the basics

10) jingles

11) a family

12) some advice

13) someone, or if someone needs her, she cannot open the door

14) help with her homework

15) acting lessons

16) buckets

17) to be recast for the Marloo Theatre’s production of Table Manners

18) to take drastic actions now by marrying Adam Chandler

19) a simple problem solving/task centered approach

20) donations


*tagging is….completely optional!

7 thoughts on “Annie Needs A Monday Meme

  1. Here is mine–I am going to post it on Facebook too–why?
    Well, because…..

    You GOOGLE your name + the word needs as in “Marsha needs” and take the first 8 things that pop up and write them accordingly…

    You may skip anything inappropriate and go to the next line, then tag at least 8 people including the person who tagged you! This was mine…

    Marsha needs to lose 37 pounds. – Well—duh!

    Marsha needs 7 cups and 1 ounce of milk. She has cups 6 ounces of milk — WHAT?

    Marsha needs an apron. – Which is true.

    Marsha needs a do-over. – Or two or three.

    Marsha needs approval to move forward. — Probably not, I have ever been a fan of approval

    Marsha needs to grow up!—True, but most likely won’t happen

    Marsha needs your help now more than ever!—Yes, she has a problem—answering these silly memes.

    Marsha needs your all out prayers! – NOW THIS ONE is absolute.

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