Kinda Creepy

This morning I checked my stats not expecting to see much. I didn’t post today as I sometimes do when I have watched a movie worth noting for whatever reason. And then I went about my business. I am working on writing exercises from a writing book by Ursula K. Le Guin and have been blogging about it on my new writing blog. Then there was skating and we had a family movie from last evening to finish up with BabyD.*

After dinner, I logged on to make sure I have the posts queued up properly for the week and discovered well over 500 views for the day.


Immediately I suspected the widow board but a bit of investigation turned up nothing.

I have StatCounter, so Rob called up today’s visitors and aside from someone in Calgary – who appears to be intent on reading everything I have ever posted – there was nothing to indicate where the traffic was coming from or what they were looking for.

The downside of blogging is this kind of thing. Lots of anonymous views with nary a comment left in their wake.

The Calgary viewer has happened before though. Someone finds me by accident and then reads until they bore themselves of me. It has led to stalking before and probably won’t now although when this has happened in the past, the reader was not living just hours away.

*Bedknobs and Broomsticks which Rob actually remembered down to the nonsense words of the spells.

13 thoughts on “Kinda Creepy

  1. I installed Google analytics recently (was previously using only WP Stats) … it’s very interesting to see where people are coming in from. My kids would like to play worldwide bingo with the little map Google provides (how long until we get a hit from say, Lithuania?)

  2. I read a few back posts last week I think, but 500… whew as interesting as you are…that would be a lot of digging. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I meant that as a compliment not as a snarky response to your post. I might find that a bit unnerving too, but I’ve had a stalker that made me move my site to it’s new location. I knew mine though as she harassed my husband through phone & email before we met or married and switched her attentions to me after that.

    When she found my blog “quite by accident” as she put it…she took off the gloves and tried to make me miserable. I had to move so I could moderate comments.

    Like Uncle Keith, I wish people who come by would say hi once in a while so I can say thanks for coming by.

  3. Annie you have a new blog? For writers? I checked around your site but couldn’t find a link. Or is it private? Just wondering. And I have no idea how many people look at my blog. I really don’t want to know, although I think it is 4 or 5 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I hate it when people lurk and never leave comments. I mean I don’t hate it; I appreciate everyone who comes to my blog. I just wish they would say, “Hi”, every once in a while.

  5. I don’t see anything unusual.

    Folks on the board link to their blogs; their blogs link to other widows; other widows link to us. I think about once a month someone finds my blog and reads everything, from start to finish, including the companion blog that is what I consider my key posts from the widow board. I’ve never felt like I was being “stalked” when that happens. Rather, I remember how thrilled I was when I found someone whose writing resonated with my own experience.

    As far as the stat counter goes, I used to obsess about it, checking it daily (or more). “Oh no, 3 fewer people today than yesterday … I wonder why.” I finally realized that I don’t care how many people read or don’t read my blog, because I write for myself, not for an audience. I still check it every few days, more to see referrals than for numbers.

    WordPress just tracks hits and referrals in a very general way. The StatCounter will give ISP and such but I never check it unless something odd happens.

    Anymore I feel too removed from my early widowed experiences to see myself as a role model or source of comfort or anything. I wish I had something to share, but I don’t. And I have long since come to terms with the fact that I don’t have much common ground – though I am thrilled when I find tiny connections.

    The whole board thing a while back made me feel very vulnerable. To the point that I almost took all the early posts private. It may be been stupid on my part to feel that way, but I did. And do.

  6. I have the opposite problem, not very many hits some days. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m leaving a message so I don’t add to your number of anonymous hits. I don’t want you creeped out more than you already are!

  7. Daisy, I suddenly find myself interested in only growing a tiny bit and then knowing who and where these people come from. I am a very poor ( and fickle) attention ho.

    Silver, interesting, but no one has claimed credit for the spike or asked my join anything. Wouldn’t I have seen a referral site?

  8. There are also a couple of blog thingies that will pick you up for one day, spike your stats, and then not pick you up again unless you sigh up for their service. I got picked up by one, and would have signed up for the service, but my URL is too long.

  9. the randomness of the interweb… we put it out there to be read. we want readers or we wouldn’t bother writing in this forum. but it is strange when the stats spike, or you see evidence of that intense reviewing of old posts. try to relax and enjoy it… let the natural selection/readership development process happen at it’s own quirky pace.

  10. I actually start to hyperventilate when I see more than 200 views in a day and no comments other than friends. It’s just unsettling. And when someone reads nearly everything I ever wrote – especially from the early days – I am suspicious. Wrongly. Probably.

  11. I get so foolishly hung up on stats that I occasionally consider bailing out on blogging altogether simply because I have so few visitors. Why can’t I just enjoy it for what it is and not get so hung up in the numbers game?

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