Another Musical Monday Meme

Yes, the Monday meme’s have been music heavy this month, but bear with me one last Monday and I promise to turn over a new leaf in March.

Favorite songs.

I was a huge Beatle fan in high school. It started with Sgt. Pepper and quickly grew out of control. I even collected UK releases, taking the bus downtown to this indie music store that sold pot paraphenalia in addition to having one of the most extensive LP and ELP collections this small town girl was lucky to be able to have access to.

Anyway, Let It Be is not the best where the Beatles are concerned and certainly Abbey Road would have been a more fitting ending, but I love this song and ran across it quite by accident and felt like sharing.

Have a favorite Beatles tune? Or just a favorite Beatle?

8 thoughts on “Another Musical Monday Meme

  1. That made me smile! Thanks for posting it. I love the informality of the session. (‘Here Comes The Sun’ is one of my favourite tracks. )

    I remember hearing John Lennon being interviewed on radio. I can’t be sure of the exact words now but the interviewer asked him something like, “Do you think you’ll still be doing this when your sixty?”

    After a moment he replied, “I just don’t think I’ll be around when I’m sixty.”

  2. It’s impossible for me to pick ONE favorite Beatles song, but if forced, it will be something from Rubber Soul or Revolver, the two Beatles albums I love best. “In My Life” and “Here, There, and Everywhere” are both strong candidates.

    Between my husband and me, we have a pretty sizable collection of Beatles music. I was born at the end of March 1964; I like to say that the Beatles arrived in the USA about seven weeks before I did :-).

  3. Thanks for posting that great video! Even as a life-long Beatles fan, I never saw it before. And if you go into YouTube to watch that video, there’s a link to a humorous video of a rehearsal of that song in a completely different tempo! So interesting – ta luv!

  4. I (vaguely) remember watching the Beatles’ movies “HELP!” and “A Hard Day’s Night” as a youngster.

    The first (and only) Beatles record I ever bought was “Abbey Road”.

    I used to listen to a lot of the more “bubble-gummy” songs from the mid-60’s or so. I don’t really have a favourite.

    I realize that the Beatles forged a new direction for popular music, but I never really became a rabid fan. Nor could I figure out why all those girls in the old B&W news clips were screaming and crying when they saw the Beatles. Must be a girl thing, I guess.

  5. I played two Beatles songs at Willis’s funeral: “All You Need Is Love” and “Let It Be”. My kids listen to the Beatles with real enthusiasm. They like “Ain’t Sheep Sweet” (Ain’t She Sweet) and “Bunny Love” (Can’t Buy Me Love), as well as “Love, Love Me Do” and “Shout”. I love Paul’s eyebrows…

  6. I think John Lennon was by far the most talented of the Beatles and my favorite. My favorite Beatles song is “Oh, Darling” but I also love some covers of Beatles songs. Ozzie Osbourne’s version of “In My Life” and Joe Cocker’s “Help From My Friends” are amazing.

  7. I don’t really know any of the Beatles, just Paul McCartney and John Lennon but I grew up with family who loves the Beatles, especially my Uncle. He loves singing Beatles Songs on the karaoke whenever he’s drunk lol.

    I have a lot of favorites too like: Let It Be, Yesterday and a whole lot more! I bet you’ve watched Across The universe and it was really good! Weird in some sort of way but good.

    Much Love,

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