Yes, the Monday meme’s have been music heavy this month, but bear with me one last Monday and I promise to turn over a new leaf in March.

Favorite songs.

I was a huge Beatle fan in high school. It started with Sgt. Pepper and quickly grew out of control. I even collected UK releases, taking the bus downtown to this indie music store that sold pot paraphenalia in addition to having one of the most extensive LP and ELP collections this small town girl was lucky to be able to have access to.

Anyway, Let It Be is not the best where the Beatles are concerned and certainly Abbey Road would have been a more fitting ending, but I love this song and ran across it quite by accident and felt like sharing.

Have a favorite Beatles tune? Or just a favorite Beatle?

Not exactly a sign of the coming Apocalypse but a disturbing portent that the universe is out of balance none the less, Mariah Carey has surpassed Elvis on the Billboard Charts for most #1’s with 18 to her credit. This puts her behind only the Beatles. The song that put her over the top is Touch My Body.  A melody sure to go down in pop/rock history. The thing that puts this over the top, for me, is her humility concerning this great feat of hers. “Carey said being in such company was gratifying not only because of her personal success, but what it meant for women and minorities.” And what would that be? Exactly? That songs about sex sung while wearing little but underwear will earn them a place in music history too? I am not going to say that the Beatles wrote only memorable tunes that survived the test of time. They didn’t. Or that Elvis didn’t degenerate into a parody of himself in the Vegas years. He did. But why is that women who write and perform – in any genre – have to be naked or nearly so in order to do what men do (worse a lot of the time) with their clothes on? Not ironically the same article also mentions that Madonna had also recently surpassed Elvis for the most top ten hits with her tune, 4 Minutes. It’s about saving the world, I think. Perhaps I was wrong about the Apocalypse thing.