I’m Busy and Didn’t Blog

Remember that story I started last week? The one that was going to be about 8,000 words or so and done on Friday?

Yeah, it’s not done, and at 11,200ish words I am only about half-way. It will be done this week but not much else will be done. Including blogging. I am feeling dry where opining is concerned and that is so unlike me, but I just feel fictionish right now.

And a publicist at Random House sent me a book out of the blue hoping I would “read it and share my thoughts with my readers”. I have no clue how she got my mailing address or if brand spanking hot off the presses hardcover books from publishing heaven are going to be a regular occurrence from now on. But now I have another book on the “have to” read and review list.*

And that’s it. Nothing more to blog about today. Life is writing and husband and child and doing dishes by hand. There’s spin and yoga and MidKid’s cat puking in the garage because it may be bulimic. And it’s still winter.


*Yeah, I know the woman took a chance when sending it and I owe her nothing but  – did I mention it’s a hardcover? – I feel for the author. Someday I will want bloggers to read and write (favorably with luck) about me and I don’t want to spoil any future karma.

4 thoughts on “I’m Busy and Didn’t Blog

  1. It’s fun to receive review copies, yes! Because you’re writing for several blogs, including 50-something Moms, you’re getting good exposure (and some syndication in newspapers). So the publisher hopes you’ll spread some good words about the book. As you know, the publishing industry is going through very hard times and needs all the help we can give it. With newspapers cutting back like crazy, there are fewer places for books to be reviewed now.

    That said, you don’t need to feel obligated to review anything, especially unsolicited books. You wouldn’t believe the books I get from publishers. It’s better that I DON’T write about some of ’em!

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