And the Blog Award Goes to…


Well, me first anyway, because according to blog etiquette, the recipient of any award must then bestow it on other worthies.

Unbearable Banishment graciously awarded the Premiro Dardos to me on Thursday for sharing my writing journey. I am not sure I have all that much to share but I am honored that he noticed I am not a mommy blogger.

It is now my duty to award others and I happily bequeath this fine award to the following journeyfolk in the blogosphere:

The Bloggess – who always makes me laugh, probably gets more awards than she knows what to do with and has given me a whole different perspective on my nether regions. 

Tome of the Unknown Blogger – and not just because he gives excellent bum rubs. He is insightful with his funny and poignant with his insightful, and I never spot grammatical errors in his work the way he does in mine.

She is Too Fond of Books – for keeping me current on what’s out and what’s good in my chosen profession. Hopefully someday, I will be one of the author’s whose books she carefully reviews.

Daily (w)rite – for the glimpses she provides into the process of writing and the gorgeous prose she generously shares.

Breathings of the Heart – for reminding me about all the good things that is teaching and sharing her life’s journey with such clarity and art.

and finally

DarcKynt – for his honesty, his unapologetic world-view and for being a fellow writer sharing his journey with other writers.

4 thoughts on “And the Blog Award Goes to…

  1. I agree—Congratulations!! You are an inspiration.

    Thank you for the kudos–you have encouraged and prodded me to take more chances with my writing. I am eternally grateful.

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