Giving Away Books Interrupts the Monday Meme

It’s time to give away another book, dear readers. Wendy Tokunaga, the author of Midori By Moonlight, contacted me wondering if my readers would like her to send one of them a copy. I answered for you in the affirmative.

The novel is about a young Japanese woman who comes to San Francisco to marry , but when her engagement falls through, she is left with an expiring visa and an idea she can still make her aspirations come true. You can read an excerpt here.

As someone who crossed international borders for love, I was intrigued, and I will let you know what I think of the novel after I read my copy.

As before, the drawing is a random one and you simply need to comment to enter, but if you wouldn’t mind sharing a story about yourself  too- like say a dream you went to great lengths to achieve – I would be very interested in reading about it, but it’s not a requirement. Enter until midnight on Friday, January 16th. Winner will be announced next Monday, January 19th.

10 thoughts on “Giving Away Books Interrupts the Monday Meme

  1. Your review is the reason I’ve decided to comment here. A dream? To graduate from college, a goal that started in 1974 and was fulfilled in 1992. Since then I’ve twice returned to graduate school to earn master’s degrees, but nothing will ever compare to that feeling at graduation in 1992.

  2. The book sounds intriguing. I’ve never crossed borders (strictly) for love, but I have had admirers fly cross-country just to see me!

  3. I’m intrigued–loved Japan when I visited last fall and heard Wendy mention the upcoming book. Thanks for offering this give way–it’s great supporting local women writers.

  4. I’ll throw my hat in the ring for this one!

    I don’t know if this counts as a dream, but it was a big goal for me, and I did it! … Having never voluntarily sweated in public, I decided to take a major plunge and signed up for a sprint triathlon. Yes, sprint, shorter distances, but still, 3 events. I took swimming lessons, ran 3 road races, biked my 3-yr-old all over town behind me in a bike trailer … and I ran the tri! (yay for me!)

  5. I went to great lengths to get my Master’s Degree. Gave up one day every weekend for about 3 years, took evening classes, moved to another city so I could continue my classes. I’d do it again, too. The money and job opportunities I thought would come with the Master’s never materialized, but that was great fun. Sometimes wish I had the money to pursue a doctorate, just for the fun of it.

  6. Dreams, huh? I’m not sure that I have ever had the dedication and discipline necessary to achieve a dream, and now it seems that I priorize loving where I am over trying to get some place else.

    That said, I moved to BC for love- I was raised in Ontario. This June will mark 20 years of living in BC, which actually means I have lived longer here than anywhere else, since my first 4+ years where in my birthplace: England.

    I wonder where he is now- the fellow I moved here for. Haven’t thought of him in a while…

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