She-Ra and the Secret of the Sword

Yes, you read the title correctly. With Rob away this weekend my Sunday movie review is of the little remembered feature film that introduced He-Man’s twin sister to the mesmerized hordes of impressionable children in the mid -80’s.

I have ElderD to thank for this movie and a companion disc of the “best” of She-Ra Princess of Power finding their way into BabyD’s realm. Rob’s daughters were enamoured of He-Man and his sister as children. And why not? The cheesy Dance Fever music, the pastels, the bulging, the complete gayness of it all.

“What movie did you watch tonight,” Rob asked when he called.

“She-Ra,” I said.

“Really, the girls wanted to watch that too as we drove up here. MidKid had gotten ElderD her own dvd set.”

“Did they watch it?”

“No, because I didn’t bring along the headphones and then I would have had to listen to it too.”

“You know, I was in college then, so I never saw He-Man or knew much about it, but…it’s really gay. Did you know that?”

Rob just laughed and I felt ashamed of my politically incorrect assessment. But it is. He-Man (well just about all the men portrayed in the cartoon) had a distinct Village People aura about them. It was so 1980’s when every guy on TV or out at the bar on the weekend was wearing colors my dad thought only girl babies should be decked out in and had hair as feathered as mine.

The story involves He-Man’s mild mannered Clark Kentish alter ego, Prince Adam, being sent on a quest to find the twin sister he never knew he had. Dual long lost twins must have been an 80’s thing too. Together they use their powers to keep their people safe from tyranny.

BabyD was more impressed with She-Ra than He-Man.

“She has way more powers, Mom,” she needlessly pointed out because it had already occurred to me she was a cross between Wonder Woman and Jana of the Jungle. “How come?”

“Because she is a girl, I guess.”

“Girls get better powers then?”

“Only in cartoons,”

An hour and more minutes than I care to remember later, it was over. Another low point in children’s entertainment history.

I wonder though where the idea that men should be overtly masculine in appearance over a basically female interior came from because, when I think about it, that is a theme of that time period. And the reverse as well. Hyper-sexual women overlaying male aggression.

Fortunately, BabyD was not so enamoured that she has asked to watch the other dvd. She was impressed with She-Ra’s flying horse and the rest was a bit “scary” for her. Thank goodness. I have enough trouble keeping her away from Total Drama Island and trying to redirect her away from the bad language she is picking up from the older kids on her school bus. I think the only word she hasn’t used so far is “fuck”. But Canadians swear like sailors on leave, so that is probably a losing battle.

Skip the compilation discs of She-Ra and He-Man. That is if you were tempted.

5 thoughts on “She-Ra and the Secret of the Sword

  1. Syd’s been using “fuck”. I guess i can blame myself. When she and Sam were talking about swearing and one of them asked me what the “f-word” was and meant, I was very matter of fact in my answer. Seems to have backfired.

    Sorry that She-Ra was such a drag for you, and interesting how those male-female characterizations evolve with the times.

  2. Xena is the best fem-hero. She NEVER has to be rescued… never mind the lesbitarian uundertones (ok, way OVERtones). Good stuff. Campy, silly and all about girl power!

    Zena rocked!

  3. My 7-year old daughter has not dropped the “f” bomb yet but now that she’s in school it’s only a matter of time. If she had blurted it out prior to attending public school, I would have been in the dog house. Especially with my pious mother-in-law!

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