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I am still in the thick of plotting my first quarter but so far the following are on the books:

January 16 is y review of Kirk Curnutt’s Breathing the Ghost Out. I am about a quarter of the way through and have to say that this is an author who knows how to breath life into his characters. They are very real though uncomfortable.

On January 21st I will be guesting blogging here, and writing about my favorite bookstore in my old West Des Moines stomping grounds.

Another TLC book tour review of Ingrid Cummings The Vigorous Mind is scheduled here on January 27th. This book hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t tell you much about it first hand, but I am excited. Essentially she writes about cross training the mind to health and happiness through diversity of activities.

Finally, another book giveaway! On Monday, January 12 I will host a week long chance for my dear readers to win a copy of Wendy Tokunaga‘s Midori By Moonlight. I haven’t yet gotten my copy, but I was intrigued by the synopsis. Young Japanese woman with a dream and a pending wedding to an American arrives in San Francisco, but things don’t work out the way she’s envisioned them. I don’t read this type of book a lot, rom-com-ish women’s lit, but I like the genre and wish I had a talent for it. Very excited to have the opportunity for another giveaway. I love giving books away. Come February I hope to have a few more giveaways in the works.

I am still weaving my quarterly web of writing tasks. I am finding that breaking my time into 90ish day increments to be most helpful, but I have still not discovered my John Deere tractor in terms of a project. One that will grab hold and not let go. And no, the memoir is not in that category. The memoir is an Ahab thing. What I am talking about is that one idea that fires the creative neurons and swamps you with the need to write. And yes, I know too well a writer cannot live off divine inspiration alone. The grind of writing is the norm. But I know the lightening strikes are out there. The readiness is all.

Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Upcoming Events at anniegirl1138

  1. love your organised activity!
    & ‘John Deere tractor’concept.
    I actually still have a little John Deere tractor from a visit to Iowa Writers… wow, more than 10 years ago!!!

  2. you are a busy girl. i’m thinking i need to read more books. you know, to kick start the ol’ brain pan to creativity. i’ve read all of one (but a damn good one – – “The Stupidest Angel”, by Christopher Moore) in the past 4 months. not nearly good enough. i will definitely stay tuned.

  3. “rom-com-ish”, that’s a new one on me … I like it! (the name, not so much the genre)

    I’m reading the same two books as you for TLC Book Tours … they work with some great authors. *The Vigorous Mind* really speaks to me … I can use all the brain-power I can get!

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