Reviewing is the Monday Meme

This is a neat meme I ran across on another blog. A personal review of the previous year via old blog post. Something of a challenge given that I blog five days a week and sometimes all seven. In fact this post is number 701 in a two and a half year blogging “career”.

So here goes:

January: The first Canadian winter was a festival of critters, anniversaries and bum numbing cold.

February: A tiny writing victory and another funeral.

March: Was honeymooning in a cabin by a pond.

April: Obama, Obama, Obama.

May: Spring cleaning, the now defunct Moms Speak Up contributer gig which began my Internet blogging “career”, and Mother’s Day.

June: Brother drama, a first anniversary of a damn long time and POTUS.

July: The Ghost of Iowa Past, how I always end up sick after a visit to the U.S., skinny bitches.

August: I am Not a Mommy blogger and a couple of birthdays.

September: The end of hump days, lung cancer and Unetaneh Tokef

October: Dying, dying, dead.

November: Memoirs, my Al Pacino moment and NaNoWriMo.

December: A new domain, wee houses and discovering a piece in the puzzle that is my calling.

This is one effing time comsuming meme. No one therefore should fear a tagging. I did find an even greater appreciation of my dear readers as I sifted through the posts of the last year because I posted a shitload of entries, the Tolstoy of blogging. You people are to be commended.

If you feel up to this linking exercise, please link back but don’t feel obligated.

5 thoughts on “Reviewing is the Monday Meme

  1. Funny — I never even thought of it as a meme to tag folks with. I saw it elsewhere and thought it made a good introspective tool.

    2008 was a tough year all around…

  2. This is something I think I would like to tackle if for no other reason than self reflection where my writing is concerned. Don’t know when I will get around to it–perhaps not until June–yikes.

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