Remembrance Day

7 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. Thank you for posting that. Reading the excellent “Birdsong” by Sebastian Faulkes inspired me to visit the battlefields of WWI. A very moving experience…walking through the trenches and the eerily silent woods. Grenades and shells are still being found in those woods.

  2. it’s frustrating that not everyone in the US understands that you can fully support the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, while disagreeing with the policies that kicked them into harms way… no matter how i feel about a particular war, i will always admire the people who have signed on the dotted line offering to die for their country… great video.

  3. The Veterans Day parade will march by outside my office window that overlooks 5th Avenue. There will be many thousands in attendance. It’s a stark contrast to the early 70s, when the soldiers returning from Vietnam were met with scorn. It’s a welcome change in public opinion.

  4. Of course, in the US we celebrate Veteran’s Day. My grandfather fought in France in WWI, my dad fought in WWII, and his brother died on Guam. I lost a lot of friends in Vietnam. My nephews are getting old enough now that if we don’t get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, I am afraid some of them will go. Or even some of my nieces, these days. So I honor the sacrifices of the past, and hope we don’t have to make many more.

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