It’s Monday but There is No Meme Today

I got nothing people. The last two weeks I have barely been able to squeeze in writing time between the family issues and the March to the Garage Sale.

The upside is that the garage is clean. Drive a car in and park it clean. All the junk that was not sold was swiftly transported to Goodwill (don’t fret – it was good junk) and the stuff they wouldn’t take went to the dump. 

We made two dump runs and two Goodwill trips and as a result, we can walk through every room in the basement now too.

However this left precious little time for blogging, commenting on blogs (sorry) or writing in general. Not good because I get antsy when I am not writing. Also not good because I have a new contributing writing gig on another blog that I need to get started on. It’s a sweet little site and I have a shot at pieces being picked up by a news service for posting on their site too. But I gotta get on it this week as well as get back to regular contributing at Moms Speak Up.

As wonderful as a crap-less house is it will not impress publishers. Will it? No, no, of course not. It’s words on a page, stupid.

I promise to get my pictorial on the garage sale up this afternoon or tomorrow, but in the meantime, let’s share stories about how life interferes  with the lives we imagine who would like to lead. Post here or link back.

3 thoughts on “It’s Monday but There is No Meme Today

  1. congrats on a successful de-cluttering! it’s a pain in the butt but highly effective. garage sale as forcing function… much better than if you’re doing it for the money!

  2. Perfect timing on this subject. Since March I have found myself in the position where I need to help family members get organized – as in it has to be done, cannot wait, and no one else is able to help. I love cleaning, decluttering, organizing, and throwing stuff out. I find it therapeutic and rewarding when I help others do it occasionally. It’s gotten to be a regular event. It’s time for me to back off after this most recent round of assistance is completed. My intention has been to get things set up so people can manage things on their own, and it looks like we’re almost there. I want to reset my willingness to help for emergencies only, which means I need to give myself a good talking to about backing off. Then I need to fill my days so I will not be available.

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