T-shirt Friday goes Yogini

Even in the midst of turmoil, I still remembered my promise to you dear readers. Lacking a tee opportunity, I snapped a photo of myself before rushing off to yoga yesterday morning.



Okay, now I expect to see some t-shots on people’s blogs today and over the weekend. I am pretty sure there are more photogenic chests out there than mine.

I will be occupied today and tomorrow with the garage sale that Rob thought was a better idea than simply donating the crap items that we no longer need or use. Time will tell if he was correct and if Canadians are as rabid about garage sales as they are back in the U.S. (of course given the abject poverty of some many Americans at the moment, I bet we could have shipped everything to my garage sale queen BFF and made money – even after the shipping charges. But maybe not. According to what we read up here, Americans are getting ready for the return of the WPA and soup kitchens on every corner).


UPDATE: Dad is home and happy. He told my mother he is at peace and just grateful he doesn’t have some form of dementia because in his opinion that is the worst way to die. Mom insists that no one come home just yet.

“Your father and I need this time alone to sort through things and we just don’t need you right now.”

So there. Told me, eh?

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