So What Brings You Here? Lisa Parker, Maybe?

In the month of July I had no fewer than 56 searches for Lisa Parker in one form or another. 

The first time I mentioned Lisa was in reference to the dedication on the movie Eastern Promises. Later I wrote a piece commenting on all the traffic my one mention of her has generated. People were curious about her because of the dedication and the lack of any real information about her on the Internet despite the fact that we view the ‘net as a place of endless information.

Over time I have heard, via comments and emails, from people who knew Lisa and it’s obvious to me that she was much loved and still missed terribly.

Dudley DoRight. Hairless (not bald, sans hair, people) and all things Angelina Jolie lure searchers into my lair as well. 

I couldn’t figure out the DoRight thing until I remembered that Brendan Fraser played him in a movie back in 1999. Does that guy only reprise corny cartoon characters for the amusement of Gen_Xer’s – when he isn’t milking the summer block buster teat being the Mummy’s bitch? Anyway, there is a new Mummy movie and I imagine that is causing the odd landing here.

Once, I think just once, I wrote about shaving. Down there? No, I think it was about my disinterest in shaving my legs these days. And now, all manner of fetishists are stopping by. There are no pictures, ‘k? Go away.

Angelina Jolie. 


She is simply my foil. I could care less about her personally, really. But she makes such a nice metaphor, I find it hard not to single her out for special attention. To me she is the epitome of what happens to a woman who hasn’t a single clue about who she really is or what she wants out of life. Jumping on causes. Falling for the motherhood as a soul filler myth. Trying to stave off age with skeletal thinness. 

The great tourist mecca of Southern Illinois is next up. 

Seriously, who knew? Not me. I just hope the guy who rented us the cabin by the pond hasn’t lost business because we thought his place was aromatic and rustic.

YWBB still comes up. It’s usually a wordpress specific search which means the searcher finds Rob or me. Me mostly. I hope I haven’t discouraged anyone who needs to hang out there from checking it out, but I do hope I have made it clear that it isn’t a place for the long term. It’s a cherry picking place where you might find like minds, maybe make a friend or two but not a substitute for thinking for yourself and doing what’s best for you.

Truthfully, Rob pays more attention to my search terms than I. I am not much interested in how people find me but in whether they bother to read once they have arrived. I would say more arrive than stay, but that’s okay. I don’t read every blog I land on either.

10 thoughts on “So What Brings You Here? Lisa Parker, Maybe?

  1. LOL I hate to keep making comment after comment, but I had to address something you posted – how do you know they did IVF? They’ve said they didn’t. Even if they did – what business is it of ours? Who cares? If they were abusing or mistreating their children it would be one thing. But from all outward appearances they are happy and doing well. Annie, I just don’t get the JUDGING that is going on.

    I am not going to argue with you about this. You think she is a great role model. I don’t.

  2. I guess this particular post rubbed me the wrong way. I am very interested in adoption. My husband and I were in the process to do foster-adoption before he died. I may still do that, or I may choose to adopt internationally. One day I hope to be heavily involved in non-profit work. Angelina Jolie has been an inspiration to me in these 2 areas. Now I have to worry that people will think I’m only pretending to care about others, and that I’m just copying the latest trend by bringing home an internationally-adopted baby.

    We did look into adoption, so I know the costs, waiting and risks. I have family/friends who have adopted – domestically, internationally and through foster-care. I don’t think there is any danger of the average person looking “trendy” given how difficult it is. It’s the collecting of them from here and there and the almost frantic pace of the adopting/having children that I object to. It’s just my opinion. You shouldn’t let what people will think stop you from adopting if that’s what you want to do.

  3. But Annie, I don’t think we should judge her based on where her kids are born. Are US or Canada-born kids any more valuable than those more in Cambodia, Viet Nam, or Ethiopia? NO. People, ordinary people not just celebrities, decide how to make their families based on what they feel is best for them. Have you ever explored adoption? It’s not easy-peasy adopting from the US. If you go private domestic infant adoptions, it’s often VERY expensive, the requirements are often more stringent, and you run the risk of the birthmother changing her mind. If you go through the foster care system, it’s very hard to get a healthy infant, unless you’re willing to risk forming an attachment then losing the child. Older kids adoption is great, but comes with its own risks and challenges. They are all great options, but the parents have to make the decisions based on what is best for their family. I would think you’d support something like that, given your pro-choice views.

    And how can anyone say she’s treating the children like fashion accessories? That’s harsh and completely unjustified in my opinion.

    You say she seems like she’s following a script of what she’s supposed to do in order to get people to like her…so why do people “like her?” Because she has a beautiful family? Because she works for great causes? She’s helping children? She’s doing all these things, for real, no one is doing it for her, so why doesn’t she deserve our admiration?

    In something like three-ish years she’s gone from one kid to six. She even underwent IVF to get pregnant faster even though she has no underlying fertility issues. Does that seem like something a person would do normally? It’s the weirdness of how she is doing it. I find it creepy and the fact that children are involved, make it creepier still to me. People do all sorts of things to get validation.

  4. (Sorry, hit submit too soon.)

    Too bad the rest of us can’t be more proactive like Angelina Jolie and actually DO something instead of just blogging about it, myself included.

    What is she doing exactly by adopting? Kids shouldn’t be accessories or political statements. There are thousands of children in the U.S. who need homes and far more easily adopted than a child from overseas is (celebrities may be able to waltz in and out of third world countries with children but the average person cannot). What’s funny to me is that we so easily dismiss politicians as posing when they trot out their families but we just believe that celebrities like Jolie or Pitt – whose jobs are to maintain an image – must be genuine in all that they do. She seems, to me, like someone who is following a script of who she thinks others want her to be in order to be worthy of their love.

  5. “To me she is the epitome of what happens to a woman who hasn’t a single clue about who she really is or what she wants out of life.”

    Really? Granted that I don’t know the woman personally, but I don’t agree with your statement. My impression of her is that she knows what she wants – a family, to make a difference in the world – and is going after it. I have nothing but admiration for her and her “jumping on causes.”

  6. I always wonder if she does manage to give all those kids in her life special attention. Do all those kids really feel loved. Or did she just “purchase” them because she assumed it would fit in with the image she’s trying to project.

  7. I’m glad daisyfae said it first. I happen to believe that Ms. Jolie might look flighty and occasionally foolish, but I think her heart is in the right place. Her actions are born from a need to posture or promote herself. She and hubby put their money where their mouth is and that’s a rare thing in the world—and even rarer in Hollywood.

    Being adopted myself, I take issue with the idea that we can be slapped together to fashion an instant family without consequence. Throwing toddlers and preschools together and constantly messing with their birth order – not such a good idea for the children’s well-being. But that is just my opinion. And they sell their kids photo opps to the highest bidder. How is that putting money in mouth? It reminds me of parents who use their children’s talent/childhood to advance on the socio-economic scale, just a bit. But anyway, I see a woman trying too hard and I wonder why.

  8. i used to feel the same way about Angelina Jolie – until i went to Cambodia. There, she is revered as a national hero… by adopting one small child, she put the plight of the Cambodian people on the world stage – namely that they are still dealing with thousands of landmines and an incompetent government as the country goes through an economic boom…

    But yeah – she still seems a bit lost out there. And trying to collect the whole set? Yikes…

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