Skinny Bitch

On our night out at the Barnes and Noble over our U.S. holiday, Rob discovered a diet book that he thought was a must read.

That’s right.

My husband picked up, read a bit and decided we should own a diet book entitled Skinny Bitch, which was written by two women who had been in the modeling industry.

What sold him on the book was not the chapter on the horrors of the meat industry, designed to convince the unconvinced to give up their fattening, carcass gorging ways, or the chapter on the evils of sugar and sugar subsitutes. No, it was the chapter on pooping. There is a whole chapter devoted to elimination and the foods that promote properly satisfying bowel movements. But I had some of you worried there, didn’t I? 

Rob has yet to read the book.

I read it though on and off on our first day on the road back to Canada. It’s a very quick read. And it’s not your average diet book.

Most of what is in it is very common sense and boils down to the old adage – you are what you eat.

Since many of us live on a steady diet of animal in one form or another and refined carbs with little to no interaction with veggies or fruit that is what we are. And that’s not good.

Basically the book is heavy on the vegan. Hold the meat, the dairy, the refined and highly processed. Bring on the veggies, the fruit, the whole grains the unrefined. 

Throw in movement. Not Olympic preparation stuff but walking, climbing and carrying on a regular basis.

And voila. 

You too can be a skinny bitch.

The writing style is harsh and bossy but the research is sound and the idea that eating crap leads to looking like crap is in evidence all around.

More and more I realize that I can’t avoid going completely vegan. Not from a weight standpoint but from a health one. Once I eliminate a food, my body refuses to re-admit it without consequences and that is telling. 

If you are interested at all in veganism or simply want to know more about the meat and dairy industries and how truly unsafe our food supply is courtesy of the FDA, read the book.

There is always that chapter on bowel movements, you know.

5 thoughts on “Skinny Bitch

  1. You know, I have a problem with both the title, which smacks of woman-on-woman misogyny, a nod to the dominant patriarchal paradigm that indicates that being skinny is the only way to be, and the implication that that is (and should be) every woman’s goal (and I say women, because the title ain’t Skinny Bastard), and the myth that veganism=slenderness. The latter is not necessarily true, and the other…well, this comment box isn’t big enough to deal with that, nor would you want me to, I’m sure. Health at every size is possible, and it makes sense to eat well, move often, and poop regularly. I don’t understand why common-sense advice needs to be wrapped up in the unexamined politics of the thinness paragon.

    But that’s just me.

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