First Kisses – A Monday Meme

A piece on Pammy’s Wyldreams blog a week or so ago gave me the idea for this week’s meme. She wrote about kissing. So today, Iet’s talk about the art, the act, the romance, the good, the bad and ugly of that seminal relationship moment – the first kiss. Who? When? Where? and Why? And any other pertinent information you feel like ‘fessing up to.

I’ll go first.

My first kiss was with a boy in my first grade class at Resurrection Grade School. His name was John Shaw. We went out behind the cars in the teachers’ parking lot. I think we were standing behind a station wagon that belonged to Paul Donahue’s mom who taught 4th grade.

It wasn’t a particularly romantic moment as John had told his friends and several of them followed us. I can’t remember now if they stayed to watch or I chased them off (I was a bossy girl and it helped that I was taller than nearly all of them).

We kissed twice. The second time was due to the fact that John did not open his mouth and I told him that this was the wrong way to kiss. Whenever I had observed grown-ups kiss, they opened their mouths (I was not aware of the whole tongue aspect until junior high and found it repugnant for a quite some time after). So the second kiss was open-mouthed.

No teacher observed us. The nuns and lay teachers ate lunch while we had recess. Free-range teaching in those days.

Your turn. Don’t forget to link back or just share it here in the comment space.

12 thoughts on “First Kisses – A Monday Meme

  1. My first kiss had an international flavour. I think we were both about four or five years old. Her name was Lori Orrendorf and she lived across the street from us. She had a younger brother Billy who, my dad always quipped, “looked retarded”. The international flavour derives from the fact that they were an American family. My memories are vague now, but it seems she had the hugest crush on me and would run over and kiss me every time I saw her. At that age, I wasn’t overly thrilled about it and any lip to lip kisses would have been of the closed mouth variety. The only concrete memento I have of those days is a grainy black and white snapshot of her reaching up to kiss my cheek as I faced the camera.

    This whole post has got me reflecting and remembering and I think I’ll write a post about it. You’ll have to check back here for the link.

    Here’s the link: First Kisses – A Remembrance

  2. i was 14. he was my best friend – and we were on the dance floor at a school dance… slow dance, the song was “Masquerade”. the kiss was unexpected, and amazing… the man/boy was the most beautiful creature i’d ever known, and i was blown away that he decided to kiss me…

    it was within a year of that kiss that i discovered he actually preferred to kiss other men/boys. (sigh)

  3. My first real and reciprocated (non-cheek) kiss was when I was just shy of 18 years old. It was terrible, and despite my complete lack of experience, I was pretty sure I was not intended to want to towel off afterward. I dumped that boy a month later, in great part due to the terrible kissing.

  4. I don’t remember my first kiss, but I definitely remember my first tongue kiss. Of course, I was so backward, I was in college by that time. Twelve years of parochial school will do that to you, Annie’s experience notwithstanding.

  5. I was in 9th grade before I had my first real kiss (oh, I was so nervous). But then I was a product of missionary boarding schools and we weren’t supposed to be kissing EVER!

  6. i don’t remember my first romantic kiss… must not have been that romantic. BUT, comma, i do recall several since then. they are the “melt-in-her-arms, time-ceasing, let’s-never-stop” kinds of kisses. the kisses linger in my memory and, if asked to do so, i can recall the name of each woman who blessed me with such a kiss.

  7. I don’t remember my first kiss either, but I am sure it was at church camp. That was where I got most of my pre-pubescent and adolescent kisses. Funny how the areas where is was most disdained was where kissing was more prevalent. I hadn’t thought of church camp in years—thanks for that this morning.

  8. My first romantic kiss happened the summer before my 5th grade year from a boy named Greg. I don’t remember the mechanics of the very first one, but by the end of that summer we were as good at kissing as anybody on the movie screen! Then his parents found out about the kissing sessions, and that ended that.

    Y’know, looking back, it was one of my best romances. We never did anything but kiss, but there is something about the innocence of those days that makes me smile!

  9. You know … I can’t remember mine. Isn’t that stupid? I have no idea when or where I exchanged my first kiss with a girl. I know there haven’t been any with boys, though.

    What I do know is a kiss wasn’t a kiss until I kissed my wife for the first time. Nothing was ever like it before or since, and maybe that’s why I can’t remember any others. I hope.

    Sounds good, right?

  10. I don’t remember my first kiss but the man I married had a moustache that he used to trim with scissors. it was like kissing a hedgehog, so prickly and it gave me pash rash.

    will always remember the first time I kissed stephen – I’m sure there were fireworks going off. I was hooked straight away…..

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