Pammy at Wyldreams

A piece on Pammy’s Wyldreams blog a week or so ago gave me the idea for this week’s meme. She wrote about kissing. So today, Iet’s talk about the art, the act, the romance, the good, the bad and ugly of that seminal relationship moment – the first kiss. Who? When? Where? and Why? And any other pertinent information you feel like ‘fessing up to.

I’ll go first.

My first kiss was with a boy in my first grade class at Resurrection Grade School. His name was John Shaw. We went out behind the cars in the teachers’ parking lot. I think we were standing behind a station wagon that belonged to Paul Donahue’s mom who taught 4th grade.

It wasn’t a particularly romantic moment as John had told his friends and several of them followed us. I can’t remember now if they stayed to watch or I chased them off (I was a bossy girl and it helped that I was taller than nearly all of them).

We kissed twice. The second time was due to the fact that John did not open his mouth and I told him that this was the wrong way to kiss. Whenever I had observed grown-ups kiss, they opened their mouths (I was not aware of the whole tongue aspect until junior high and found it repugnant for a quite some time after). So the second kiss was open-mouthed.

No teacher observed us. The nuns and lay teachers ate lunch while we had recess. Free-range teaching in those days.

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