Lisa Parker lived close to the heart

Like most WordPress bloggers (or any blogger really) I am fascinated by the searches that people do that lead them to by blog. Probably the search term that comes up most often here is the name Lisa Parker. I first wrote about her in a piece called Going to the Movies. Rob and I had taken in the Viggio Mortensen film, Eastern Promises. Parker was the production unit manager for the film and it was dedicated to her, which is not uncommon in the movie industry when a member of the cast of crew dies during its production. Being me, I googled her at the first opportunity only to find that while her body of work is well-documented, there was little to no personal information to be found. That was frustrating to me at the time but now I find it quite fascinating. The public has this image of those in the movie world being eager for recognition to the point that any and all things about them are fair game and here comes Lisa Parker. A film is dedicated to her memory. A good film. And there is nothing to be gleaned about her save the work she left behind. How about that? Being remembered for your accomplishments only and not your dress size or tumultuous personal life.

I have searched and searched, in vain mostly, for more information on Ms. Parker. I haven’t uncovered much. She was just 39 when she died on June 4, 2007 at Charing Crossing Hospital after a brief illness. She was well-known in the Irish film industry and had worked on international films as well in many capacities. Her funeral was held shortly after her death in London with another memorial service in Dublin, Ireland the following fall. She was survived by her mother, sister and many friends. Donations were asked to be given to the Battersea Dog Home.

The second tim I wrote about Lisa Parker was in a piece about search terms. I thought it an odd memorial to her that people would find in the original blog piece that often brings them here. One of her obituaries carries the quote “she lives life close to the heart”. What a beautiful thing to have said about a person after he/she has gone. To me it means that she lived out her life doing what she loved and with that people who mattered most. What a lucky woman. And what better way to be remembered than as someone who followed her heart.

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  1. hi maria, I have set up this email just for contact on here, and when you have contacted me il give my private email over , so email me and we can go from there as wary about getting mail from stranges with virus etc.

    Cant wait to here from u

  2. Hi Ally,

    I see you remember, those were the days!! I do have photos of Lisa and am only too happy to send them to you. Please can you remind me of your e-mail address (I’ll send the photos to you from work). When are you thinking of holding the school reunion? I now live in Madrid so it’s a bit far for me to go, although I go to the UK as many times as I can. It’s a shame, but you never know, maybe oneday ey!! Take care Ally. Keep in touch. Maria (Still think of Lisa everyday).

  3. I’ve just watched Eastern Promises which is a truly excellent movie. I too noticed Lisa’s dedication and, typically, I needed to know more.

    I expected to find lots more information about Lisa. But to read this blog and to see that she was obviously loved and admired by all is enough.

    The spirit never dies but lives on amongst us all and within us.


  4. Hi Maria,

    Wow, Your name is a blast from the past. Have you seen the pictures of me you lisa and the others on friends reunited in the field where we were holding a sit in and Lisa had everyone in fits of laughter. my email is above drop a line, and lets reminice. Hey we are holding another school reunion in canterbury and making in memory books up of our school pals who have passed away. do you have any photos you could email so I print them off for lisa’s book? thanks hun Allison Cousins

  5. Lisa’s death came as a very big shock. I have
    known her since I was 11. We went to St.
    Anselm’s school together in Canterbury.
    Our lives drifted us apart and we lost track of
    each other. After lots of telephone calls, I
    found her. I hadn’t seen her in over 15 years.
    I flew over from Madrid where I now live
    and we met up. Saddly to say I saw her
    for the last time in May 2007. Lisa passed away a few months
    in June. I think of her every day. She was
    much loved by all.

  6. Ciara,
    Could I ask you to contact me please on my email which is listed. I am doing something in regards to remembering Lisa and I have spoken to Lofty and he is helping me but I need to speak to you to discuss whats planned and if you could add some input. Thanks Ally x

  7. Lisa was one of my closest friends and colleagues. My career in the film industry is all down to her. I brought her to hospital with horrendous headaches the Tuesday before she died. I am going to visit her grave today in sheen cemetery for remembrance sunday. It is wonderful to see so many people remembering her.

  8. I didn’t know Lisa personally but had followed her body of work over the last few years. My wife, being a study of the theater, taught me early on that exceptional works on the screen quite often were the results of those behind the cameras and not those in front of them. Lisa’s body of work speaks volumes and I doubt it will ever be matched. To her friends and colleagues, especially you Ally, I feel the world has lost an exceptional woman, and you, an exceptional friend.

  9. I knew Lisa Parker well. She had an infectious giggle and was very generous in every way. She went out of her way on many occasions to get me film work, she even had me to stay in Dublin and drove me relentlessly from party to pub to party (she didn’t drink) and while I dozed it off she put in a full day at Ardmore studios. She had time for everyone and was a very loyal friend. I miss her.

  10. my correct email is ; SORRY HAD A GLASS OF WINE IN HER MEMORY. no spam as it wont reach me. I can update you on our beautiful friend. I still feel part of me is missing. she was beautiful and a lady. and my 1st n real best friend

  11. lisa parker was an exceptional human. she showed me how to live. we worked together on young indy and had plans to meet this year, i am so shocked and sad. how did this happen?!?

  12. Paulie Hayes……… contact me please
    I grew up with Lisa from ged 4, please contact me I can fill you in on what happened and where she is laid to rest

  13. Hi,

    I too was also a good friend of Lisa a long
    time ago. I first met Lisa at Herne Hill
    Amateur dramatcis society, “Players”.

    This was in about 1988 I think and I was
    living in Chingford at the time and
    travelling over to Herne Hill every
    Tuesday night. I then became good friends with
    Lisa and we eventually shared a house with
    some other friends, Robin and Dave. She was
    always interested in films and it was always
    going to be what she ended up doing. She
    was also meticulous for the detail and did
    everything with same thoroughness, enjoyment
    and commitment. I lost touch with her when
    I moved abroad to work on short term
    contracts and evetually when I moved
    permanently to Asia in about 1994 hardly ever
    managed to see her. I spoke to her a few times
    on the phone, but that was it, but did follow
    her career with interest. Robin actually
    emailed me to let me know she had had a heart
    attack and this was on the Wednesday I think
    and then even though I tried to get in touch
    she dies on the sunday without regaining
    consciousness. I think she is buried in Balham
    cemetary, but am not sure.

    I remember so many good things about Lisa:

    She loved her little Mini, it was old but she
    drove everywhere in it and it had her life in
    She loved clothes and always dressed stylishly
    and immaculately.
    She was very tidy and how she managed to live
    with 3 guys I will never know!!

    She will always be “little lis” to me and
    also have been rembering her so much recently
    since she passed. I now live in Hong Kong and
    will be visiting UK next month and will try
    and get to see her to say goodbye in person.

    Lis, you will always be with me.


  14. Does anyone know how she died? I am one of her oldest friends but circumstances caused us to drift apart due to work and my marriage etc etc. I really would like to know where she was laid to rest as I want so badly to say my goodbyes.
    Lisa…. I think of you everyday since I heard the news, but its with smiles esp from the time of Sommerset road and the partying we did with all out mates, Si, Jo, SUe and matty. good times and heartfelt thoughts babe xx miss u and lve you forever. stop bye and say Hi, as we both know who had the link of psychic, remember the kettle!! i love u my longlost friend and I miss you so much. Ally xx

  15. I was just talking about Lisa last night.

    I was very lucky to have worked with Lisa and had talked to her only 10 days before she sadly passed away.

    She was indeed one of life’s special people who loved what she did with a passion I had never seen or probably will never see again.

    She certainly lived life close to her heart and is still sadly missed

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